19 domestic home stores signed the name of the joint boycott "Double 11"

According to China Voice's "News Night" report, "Double 11" has not arrived, the furniture industry has been rumored, and 19 large-scale home stores in China have recently quietly "named" and jointly boycotted e-commerce platforms such as Tmall. The impact.

At the end of last month, the picture of Red Star Macalline Chairman Che Jianxin Weibo made it seem that the market that was expecting the arrival of Double 11 seems to have turned the wind. Weibo reads: “It is strictly forbidden for any merchant to spread or promote the “Double 11” activities of other e-commerce lines in any form in the store; strictly investigate the merchants to use Tmall POS machines to make sales online; strictly prohibit merchants from being factories. Order delivery on other e-commerce lines."

Red Star Macalline mobilized the merchants to tell them that it was Red Star who was protecting them. They helped to distribute the goods online for the sake of their own lives.

Shortly after the construction of the new Weibo, immediately after another industry leader, the actual home, issued a message to the merchants, officially conveying the determination and methods of punishment. “After discovering the use of e-commerce mobile POS machines, not only is it confiscated It is also subject to a fine of 10 times the transaction amount; if it is found twice, it will be cleared directly."

In order to "not allow the fly to make a small profit," the merchants began to act. In the stores of Red Star Macalline and the House of Reality, not only did the POS machine disappear, but the tone of the staff of the store changed. Red Star Macalline sales staff said that the online discount is a gimmick:

Salesperson: I have 20,000 yuan for this sofa, giving you 50% off, and I am giving you the same 30% off now.

The sales staff of the actual home emphasizes that the quality of things sold online is not the same as the quality of physical stores:

Salesperson: You may not see the money on the Internet in Beijing. It may be the money that the factory has not done a few years ago.

In fact, the opposite of Tmall is not only the Red Star Macalline and the Real Home, as a member of the Bureau of the China Furniture Association Marketing Committee, the largest 19 chain or regional hypermarkets in China's home furnishing industry - Jisheng Weibang, Jimei, Jinma Kaixuan, etc. The "Opinions on Standardizing E-Commerce Work" has been jointly signed. Among them, it is clearly stipulated that "the market can not be disguised to make the store become an offline experience place for e-commerce."

In the face of the collective coffers in the home industry, Tmall does not seem to be too flustered.

Tmall Taobao PR Yang Jian: There is no point in keeping the Tmall out, which is also blocking the Internet and consumers.

This year, Tmall tried to launch the O2O strategy, proposed online and offline linkages, encouraged brands to collect coupons online, and installed POS machines to directly transfer money to Alipay. In the view of Wang Ting, an e-commerce industry analyst at iResearch, brand owners, as the core resources of traditional hypermarkets, place roll-ups, posters, etc. in the store, encouraging users to go shopping with Tmall, which would have expected revenue. For the store, it is equal to making a wedding dress for others. Therefore, it is inevitable that such a large-scale home store will be called "bad rules" for e-commerce.

Wang Ting believes that online and offline should actually be complementary and coexisting. To solve the current embarrassment, the most crucial thing is to let e-commerce make profits:

Wang Ting: The compromise solution is that the two sides talk about cooperation, including the sharing model. In this process, the offline can partially enjoy some of the past benefits, while the online use of people's resources, enhance the experience, etc. It should also let part of the value come out.

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