A gorgeous soap dispenser

Lever Faberg has revitalized the Lux brand with an exquisite 250 ml hand soap dispenser from RPC Verpackungen Kutenholz. On the packaging of this product, LF pursues a luxurious look and feel that they have achieved. The bottle is blow molded from a polypropylene material shaped like an oval teardrop with an elegant, curved gold foil stamping badge. The crystal clear transparent material of the bottle shows the excellent quality of the hand-washing products. This soap product line includes Heavenly Milk and Shimmering Sea. The material of the packaging container is a two-layer structure, and the outer surface has been specially polished to show a pearl-like luster, which is very attractive. All of these features bring a more powerful impact to the bottles placed on the shelves. This package of Lux products is available in several countries in Europe.

Source: Packaging Digest China

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