ADASA pushes reusable RFID tags that can handle metals

In order to reduce the impact of metals in RFID systems, two new products have already swept the market. ADASA manufactures reusable RFID tags and claims that the new tags can be used on metal-based and liquid products. In addition, SAVR Communications has introduced a new RFID reader that is designed to sit under the metal conveyor system.

ADASA's new "Foam Attached Tag" (FAT tag) is based on the EPCglobal Gen2 EPC air interface protocol and features a passive UHF tag attached to the plastic layer. Because of this feature, the distance between the transponder and the metal or liquid product is generated. Liquids and metals can cause misalignment of the RFID transponder antenna. When the liquid absorbs RF signals, the distance between the antenna and the object being read can be greatly reduced.

This new FAT tag solution has been used for some time, but ADASA CEO Clarke McAllister said that the current solution requires companies to print sensitive tags and reduce the thickness of sensitive tags to be exposed on the conveyor belt, and then put it Adhere to plastic and finally apply plastic labels with sensitive labels to the product. This FAT tag is applied simultaneously with ADASA's PAD3500, a Gen2 mobile RFID encoder.

"After receiving orders for the type, thickness, and spacing of plastic labels, we produce labels based on these specifications," McAllister said. "Then we put the finished FAT label in the encoder."

ADASA developed RFID-attached plastic tags to meet the requirements of the aviation and automotive industries for handling metal parts and liquid containers. The FAT RFID tag will be widely used in the PAD3500 in October. Its price depends on the thickness and type of the tag.

SAVR Communications' new Under Conveyor RFID readers are used to secure under the conveyor system so that the company does not need to modify, move or replace any components on the conveyor. Since metals can affect RF waves, companies must re-establish conveyor systems when they use plastic rollers and install RFID readers below.

SAVR's new readers operate at a 13.56 MHz frequency, and each reader can customize the antenna based on the rollers and hardware equipment required by the customer. The antenna of the reader can be optimized according to the specific environment and supports eight feet of reading range. The reader now available supports ISO 15693 and Philips iCODE tags.

Source: RFID World Network

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