Adpak Machinery Systems Introduces Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine

Adpak's new AD712SA semi-automatic packaging machine can complete the packaging of pallets and non-pallet products. It has a PLC controller and the standard speed can reach 12 packs/minute instead of the traditional 6-8 packs/minute.

Source: Global Flexible Packaging

Busy day, go home to enjoy, the sofa seat should be comfortable mainly, its sitting and back should be suitable for the body's physiological structure of the surface as well. If the living room area is small, both sitting and sleeping sofa bed is a good choice.
Fabric sofa mainly refers to the main material is cloth sofa, after art processing, to achieve a certain artistic effect, to meet people's needs. Fabric sofa according to the material is divided into pure fabric sofa and leather cloth combined with sofa.
Fabric sofa according to the material is divided into: pure cloth sofa and leather cloth combined with the sofa. According to the style is divided into: leisure fabric sofa and European fabric sofa.

1, pure fabric sofa: refers to the sofa fabric all the fabric (such as: blended cotton linen suede, etc.)

2, leather cloth combined sofa: refers to the sofa fabric fabric. Leather. Leather composition. The following are the same as the ""

3, leisure fabric sofa: the design is more suitable for young people, the design is more in line with modern society, the design is more advanced, rich color of the sofa, diverse styles, Suitable for modern decoration style.

4, European fabric sofa: style is relatively large, there are limitations, with European style, are generally modeled on France, Britain and other places to design the style.

Fabric Sofas

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