Anti-sprinking ink bottle

【Patent Name】 Anti-Sprinkler Ink Bottle 【Applicant】 张宏阳 [Inventor] 张宏阳【The main applicant address】 116013 No. 79-5-1 Jingshan Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province [Application] 200420089398.2
【 Application Date 】 2004.09.01
【Accredited Announcement No.】 2754906
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.02.01
[Main classification number] B43L25/00(2006.01)I
[Classification] B43L25/00(2006.01)I
[Instruction CD-ROM] D0605-1
【Abstract】 The anti-sprinkler ink bottle is classified according to the International Patent Classification Table (IPC) into the technical fields of the group of operations, transportation, printing, writing and drawing accessories, and wiping the ink pen device. Its purpose is to solve the technical problems of convenient overflow of ink and prevention of spillage. It is mainly composed of a rubber cover, a duct hole, a cover edge, a bottle edge, a bottle body, a bottom of a bottle, a short conduit, a long conduit, and an ink. The utility model is characterized in that the short end of the short pipe is inserted and installed at the middle position of the hole of the pipe, the edge of the rubber cover is spirally installed at the outer edge of the bottle edge, and the upper end of the long pipe is inserted and installed at the middle position of the hole of the pipe. The inner edge position is screwed on the outer edge of the bottle edge, has a wide range of uses, and is easy to promote.

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