Blood plate (9cm) medium

[Blood Plate (9cm) Medium] Guangrui Bio provides microbial dry powder, finished medium, animal and plant culture medium, cell culture medium, food safety rapid detection reagents and various supporting raw materials, etc. Welcome to inquire and order! The products sold by Guangrui Bio are all 100% manufacturers, quality assurance, price concessions! 1, the stock is in stock. 2. The product order is subject to the latest price on the day of ordering. 3, all products to ensure quality, out of the library are re-examined. [Blood Plate (9cm) Medium] Human Factor IX (FIX) elisa Kit Human Pulmonary Surfactant Related Protein D (SP-D) elisa Kit Rabbit Lebtospiraelisa Kit Mouse sICAM-1elisa Kit Human ASMelisa Kit Human T4elisa kit rat annexin V (ANX-V) elisa kit mouse oxidized low density lipoprotein (OxLDL) elisa kit porcine estradiol receptor (ER) elisa kit mouse alpha glutathione S transferase (α-GST) elisa kit human AQP-5elisa kit multivalent peptone-yeast extract (PY) medium production human CA-2elisa kit human lipoprotein lipase (LPL) elisa kit

Plant Holder

Our hanging plant stand is made of 100% natural cotton rope , meticulously handcrafted , eco - friendly , no smell , sturdy and not easy to be out of shape or breakage . Great way to show your lovely plants , also a unique boho home decor . Macrame cord for plant hangers , great for indoor - outdoor use , macrame wall planter , like a bay window , home , office , porch , patio or garden . Also an ideal gift for housewarming , birthday , wedding , Christmas , and more !

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