Causes and Solutions of Ink Formation in Ink

In the offset printing process, when printing full-size products in the field or in the field, the ink skin, ink roller dregs, paper stripping, hair loss, dirt, etc. are most likely to adhere to the surface of the ink layer, affecting the printing quality and appearance. . Because of the large format of offset full-plate printing, the ink used has a large amount of ink, and the ink also has a certain viscosity. In the full-print version, the impurities in the ink, ink roller and paper are easily revealed.

Printing full version of the field, under normal circumstances are used offset printing quick-drying light ink. The offset printing ink is a dry type mainly composed of oxidized conjunctiva type drying. In the ink container, ink fountain, ink bucket and other containers, if the ink is in contact with the air for a long time, it will be covered with a layer of ink skin. Some of the inks in ink are caused by the use of new ink in old ink cartridges, and some are new ink surfaces or edges.

The crusts on the crust were not treated cleanly. They were adsorbed on the real map text during the printing process and reflected on the prints. The ink was black and the surrounding edges were white.


1 In order to prevent the ink oxidized conjunctiva from drying the ink, under normal circumstances, after the unsealed ink cartridge is opened, pour some clean water into the ink box and the ink tank. The purpose is to prevent the ink from being exposed to the air to oxidize the conjunctiva.

2 After use, the ink cartridges and the ink on the surface of the ink tank are cleaned and smoothed with ink scoops. The surface of the inks should be cleaned out in time. Apply a layer of varnish to the surface of the ink. Apply a layer of kraft paper or other thick paper and cut it into a round shape (consistent with the diameter of the ink cartridge and the ink bucket). Apply lightly to the varnish. Above, then the ink cover is sealed, this method can also prevent the ink oxidation conjunctiva from playing the role of the ink.

3 The conditional printing company is best to design the ink room and special personnel to specialize in ink transfer and management work, so that those responsible and conscientious, dedicated and responsible masters are responsible for the deployment of the ink, so that the standard ink management can be eliminated. Ink wasted.

4 Too much ink in the ink, the printing of many editions on the ground is not good, and the ink should be replaced immediately.

5 Too much ink inside the ink can be put into the yarn pad, and press it down on the plate press to filter it. There is no platen machine to use the heavy object to make the ink filter reduce the ink skin.

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