Chameleon dual purpose roller

With the Chameleon dual purpose roller, the printer can freely switch between traditional, UV and hybrid printing without having to replace the rollers. This rubber roller is manufactured using leading polymer technology and its rubber rheological properties are even better than traditional rubber rollers. The heat storage capacity of the rubber roller during operation is lower than that of the traditional rubber roller. This is particularly important for UV printing; and it can help reduce the flying ink phenomenon. At present, this dual purpose rubber roller is OEM certified by the major printing press manufacturers. A printing plant stated that the rollers had been operating on their machines for five months, five days a week, 24 hours a day, and so far had no problems. A judge also said that installing the rubber roller on the press means that it has the ability to complete any type of job.

The high quality Steel Wire Cleaning Ball, Stainless Wire Scourer have strong decontaminating and good for kitchen cleaning use. The smooth cleaning item will give great convenience and have best effect on kitchen cleaning. With its eco-friendly material, u will enjoy the kitchen cleaning and make more comfortable. 


1. Stainles and without rust, anti-mildew, anti-badterial 

2. Sprial design, secure and won't hurt your hands 

3. Dru quickly and lasting 

4. Effective to clean away the stubborn stains 

5. Ideal for: Fry pans, kitchen, utensil, stove, BBQ rack and other ware with tough dirt 

Steel Wire Cleaning Ball

Stainless Wire Scourer

Steel Wire Cleaning Ball,Stainless Wire Scourer,Steel Wire Cleaning Brush,Kitchen Cleaning Ball

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