Choose custom furniture or finished furniture from four aspects

Nowadays, custom furniture is a form of decoration that more and more families will choose. Because the customization can design furniture according to the size of the space, it has the advantage that the finished furniture is incomparable for many irregular-sized home spaces.

However, compared with custom-made wardrobes and custom cabinets, which have clear functions and fixed space, many owners still have no idea when considering them: Is it good to choose finished furniture or custom furniture? Why bother to worry, know more than one!

Space PK

Irregular, large space, custom bookcases have advantages; and finished cabinet units form bookcases with high flexibility.

As we all know, custom furniture is a furniture product that can be tailored to different spaces. When designing a bookcase, the first thing to consider is the location of the bookcase. Many families will transform a small room or corner space in their home into a study. According to the designer, many homes in Guangzhou are not square, not all walls are right angled. The space of the study often encounters irregular wall surfaces. At this time, custom bookcases are more suitable for this space requirement, especially for corner positions where the facets are not perpendicular, and custom bookcases can make better use of space.

For families with more collections or larger storage requirements, a full wall of the study or living room may be used, and the entire bookcase is more suitable for customized methods. Especially for the top or higher bookcases, custom-made cabinets with custom rail ladders make it easy to get high-end books. In addition, for the need to embed a desk in the middle of the bookcase, or to make a bookcase connected to the bookcase, the book can be better customized to achieve this demand.

If the space rules, the requirements for the collection of books are not very high, and the space is suitable, the finished bookcase can be used, eliminating the time and trouble of customizing the wardrobe. There are also some combination bookcases on the market, which have different sizes of cabinet units and cabinet doors, which can be made into a bookcase by unit combination. This has a certain degree of flexibility, and the style and decorative effect of the cabinet is stronger than the custom wardrobe.

Style PK

Custom bookcases are modern, simple, and classical; if you want to be more personalized, you have to choose a finished bookcase.

There are many custom furniture companies on the market, and there are more and more choices of custom furniture styles. The more common cabinet styles are modern, simple European and classical. The modern style is dominated by simple cabinets. The wardrobe itself does not have too many carvings and curves, and the cabinet finishes are relatively simple. The simple European or neo-classical bookcases inherit the classical legacy, with certain carvings and curved decorations. However, the lines tend to be regular and modern, and colors such as white, pearl powder and wood color are very common. The classical style is mainly composed of cabinets made of solid wood or solid wood, with a hollow pane of Chinese style and Western classical style with architectural elements. In addition, with the hot air blowing in the fresh air, the white cabinets represented by the French and Korean styles are elegant and have a pastoral atmosphere, and gradually become the mainstream bookcase style. Custom bookcases can also be integrated into a variety of different styles of home space through the overall shape and color changes.

The finished bookcases are more diversified in style. Basically, different styles of furniture stores can find the corresponding style of bookcase products, and the product design is more diversified, and the creative changes are more diverse. The custom bookcase is close to the custom closet, which mainly distinguishes the functional space. The decoration is mainly reflected in the appearance, while the finished bookcase is eclectic. For example, a bookcase that the reporter saw in Jisheng Weibang, the cabinet itself is a cloud shape, and the hollow circle on the "cloud" is a shelf. Another example is a bookcase in the Guangzhou Space Aesthetics Museum. The cabinet itself is in an irregular shape. Each bookcase has a different size and patchwork. This is a style that is difficult to see in a custom bookcase. There is an irregular partition on each cabinet of a bookcase in the HI Living Hall, which is quite different from the traditional bookcase format. To create a more personalized study space, the right finished bookcase has a greater advantage.

Load-bearing PK

The load bearing has nothing to do with the form of the cabinet, and is related to the material and process.

Whether it is a custom bookcase or a finished bookcase, it has been a heavy object for many years, and the load-bearing capacity and durability of the cabinet are also an object of investigation. However, the load-bearing capacity of the bookcase has little to do with whether it is customized, and it is more related to the material, craftsmanship and contents of the product. For example, the capacity of the cabinet itself is not large, so you don't have to worry too much about the weight bearing of the bookcase.

Most bookcases are made of medium-density, high-density or solid wood, especially custom bookcases, almost all of which are based on these materials. Solid wood materials and high-quality plates generally do not need to worry about bearing weight. Inferior and insufficient plates may be deformed due to years of extrusion. Some bookcases can be moved freely. If the load-bearing design of the cabinet is not good, the cabinet damage is also prone to occur.

The metal material has better load-bearing and anti-deformation capabilities, and even thinner metal frames and panels can support more books. However, mainstream custom brands rarely use metal as the material of the bookcase, but instead can go to some old-fashioned building materials stores or hardware stores to seek customization. Some combinable finished cabinets can be combined into a metal bookcase, but the decoration is generally not strong.

Price PK

Custom bookcases are priced according to the square meter; the price of finished bookcases varies.

At present, the mainstream custom furniture pricing method is calculated according to the square meter, and the custom bookcase is no exception. According to the selected materials, such as MDF, solid wood and other materials, the price of one square meter is from 1,000 yuan to several thousand yuan. . The price of the door generally needs to be calculated separately. The price of finished bookcases varies widely, specifically related to the size, material, design, brand, etc. of the bookcase. The cheap bookcases are tens of hundreds of yuan, and the expensive price can reach several thousand and tens of thousands. Therefore, when considering the choice of a finished bookcase or a custom bookcase, you can choose a more favorable plan by calculating the price of both.

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