Color printing process solution

What is the workflow of the color publishing system?

1) Text entry: Enter the text into the computer.

2) Scanning the image: The image is digitized and entered into the computer.

3) Group Edition: After editing and modifying the text and images on the computer, the text and images will be mixed, and the results will be printed out proof proofs.

4) Separation exposure: After raster image processor is used to describe the page description language of the layout into a bitmap image, the dot matrix image is sent to the laser imagesetter to control the sensitivity of the film.

5) Rinse: After the film is sensitized, use the punching machine (developer) to flush the color separation film out of the four-color film.

6) Print Proofing: Provide proofs and proofs for printing reference.

7) Finish color prepress processing. If the material used for separation in the fourth step is PS (pre-sensitized plate), this workflow is called CTP.

1, graphics and painting software

The more popular graphics processing software are:


The superior functions of designing and editing text input and icons, title words, word drawings, and various charts are commonly used by computer designers.

(2) Aldus Freehand

It is a widely used computer graphics design software introduced by Aldus Company in the United States. It is particularly popular in the advertisement production of newspapers and magazines and the production of statistical graphics.

(3) CorelDRAW

A powerful software developed by Corel Inc. has many functions such as graphic painting, image processing, table creation, and production of paintings.

2, image editing software

The more popular image editing software is:

(1) Adobe photoshop

It is an image processing software in the field of artistic creativity and professional printing that is the most influential internationally developed and developed by the American company dobe. It is the most powerful and widely used type of auditorium communication computer software for black and white. , color image correction, revision, image special effects and color separation and other processing. Greatly welcomed by painters, photographers, designers, film and television artists, and revisionists.

(2) Adobe Dimensiona

Three-dimensional pattern design professional software.

(3) Aldus Photostyler

Photorstyle from Aldus of the United States is color image processing software.

3, typesetting software

The current color publishing software is more rampant:

(1) Founder Wits and Founder Fit software: Wits is suitable for color publishing in Chinese print and publishing industries such as books, magazines, and advertising design. Fit is a powerful and powerful integrated typesetting system.

(2) PageMaker

The United States' Aldus company, PageMaker, is the most popular typesetting software for desktop publishing in the United States. Its functions have been developed earlier than ever before, and its compatibility with graphics and text is flexible.

In the case of print design, the quantity of color samples is accepted, and the next step is to export the film. This is to be used is the image of the ImageSetter is an image of the machine, you can use the DPI (raster processor) directly to the computer to send the file output, generate C, M, Y, K four Zhang separation film, color separation can be printed directly to the printing plant. As far as the current domestic level is concerned, an image-setter with a resolution of 3000 DPI can meet the general requirements.

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