Comfortable and comfortable small apartment

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Nowadays, small-sized houses are very popular among consumers. With the footsteps of autumn, the weather is slowly turning cold. How should we create a warm and small apartment? Let us feel the warmth of belonging to the family as soon as we get home.

Small household

The gray sofa is designed next to the window, the warm sunshine shines on the body, it is very comfortable and comfortable. The delicate and delicate small furniture around the sofa is warm and intimate. The yellow curtain has the taste of sunlight and enhances the color of the living room.

Home culture

The design of the TV background wall is very original. The simple partition has the function of display and storage. In one fell swoop, the simple color combination in the living room is warm and lively and not a personality.

Small household

The simple open kitchen is pure and bright, bringing a spacious visual experience. The restaurant connects the living room to the kitchen. The green chandeliers bring infinite vitality, giving people a natural comfort.

The decoration design of this small apartment is very warm and intimate? The warm yellow color is embellished in the space. The exquisite furniture matching and space layout show the owner's unique ingenuity. The decoration of the whole small apartment brings you friendly and comfortable. a feeling of.

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