Cultivate Packaging Professionals and Social Needs

Correctly dealing with the relationship between technology and art, theory and practice, fine arts foundation and modern design methods has a major bearing on the cultivation of students’ comprehensive professional quality and ability.
The object of packaging design is goods, the protection of goods and the promotion of sales are the most important functions of packaging products. The main task of packaging design is to meet and fulfill the functional requirements of packaging. The first function (ie, protection function) of packaging products is often achieved through different structural forms and engineering techniques. The second function (promotional function or social spirit function) mainly depends on different forms and artistic expressions. Show.
For a successful package design, it must be able to fully meet the functional requirements of packaged goods, are indispensable, which shows that package design itself is an organic combination of technology and art, technology and art are essential packaging design (of course, not all) Factors that discard any party will result in the final design results may become "pretty but not applicable" or "applicable but not attractive" and cannot be accepted by the market and consumers. Therefore, as a designer, it should have a relatively complete knowledge structure and correct design ideas, but only for different professional training direction, the skills, arts, knowledge, requirements and priorities are different.
Theoretical teaching is a very important teaching link in higher education. The theory of any course is a summary and sublimation of practical experience. It is a true reflection of the development law of objective things. The theory originates from practice junior high school and can guide practice, and it is the ability to develop. The foundations and sources of intellectual development, however, in the teaching activities of packaging design, we found that there is always a heavy practice and a light theoretical phenomenon. Some people think that packaging design is mainly based on imagination and savvy and does not require much knowledge. And theory, but in accordance with the "master with apprentice" way to guide students.
It should be said that this is a one-sided understanding of the teaching process. Of course, we cannot think that the more knowledge and theories are more useful, the more knowledge is not equal to the ability, and the conversion of knowledge into ability has to be practiced repeatedly. Therefore, attaching importance to theoretical teaching, strengthening practical training, and strengthening the connection between theory and practice are talent cultivation. The important guarantee.
The relationship between the basics of fine arts and modern design methods should also be correctly understood and right in the packaging design. In this issue, there have been two different views and tendencies. Some teachers and students believe that as a packaging art design, the key is to have a solid foundation of fine arts, and that “the loss of hands and minds” must be perfect, thus ignoring modern design methods (mainly Refers to the application of computer-aided design, and another view is that the mastery and application of modern design means that it is the key to deciding the effect of packaging design. The art foundation is not very important.
Through repeated discussions, most people formed a consensus on this issue: a solid foundation of art, correct design ideas, good artistic accomplishments, and strong computer application skills are the essential qualities and skills of packaging designers. Their perfect combination can fully demonstrate the designer's design ideas and concepts, and can be more, faster, better, and provincial packaging design.
The pre-awareness of education. Today's education business must face society and serve the market in order to survive and develop. However, education, as a superstructure, must have its own laws. In order to cultivate the builders of the 21st century, educators must have a sense of advancement, be good at analyzing and predicting the development trend of future disciplines and industries, and the characteristics of the industry's demand for talents, so that talent cultivation can be "based on the current and look to the future."
It is not easy to do this, but as an educator, this awareness should be possessed. To this end, in addition to the need to diligently study the business, teach and educate people, and do a good job of their own duties, they should actively care about the status quo, dynamics, and development trends of the domestic and international packaging industry, and strive to study and study cutting-edge knowledge and theory in this discipline.
Pay attention to the application and application of new materials, new processes, and new technologies in the field of modern science and technology to continuously enrich and update teaching content. At the same time, we must seriously improve teaching methods and teaching methods, and strive to cultivate students' sense of innovation. And the ability to innovate and continuously improve its overall quality, so that our packaging education can meet the requirements of the packaging industry for high-quality talent in the 21st century.


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