Dell is committed to building a high-end business PC

Since Michael Dell founded Dell in 1984, Dell has been known for producing and selling computers for home use. In recent years, Dell has been involved in the high-end computer market and has brought us different personalities with its distinctive features. Computer operation experience. Many times, we can easily see the words in Dell's Logo: The Power To Do More, but many people don't know what the true meaning of this sentence is. Inspire human potential: They think this is the ultimate meaning of technology, this is Dell's most powerful explanation of this meaning, and Dell has been practicing their slogan. From this background, the computer that we are going to play today must have extraordinary scientific and technological strength.

Dell E6430 is a very high-end machine in the Dell Latitude series of business computers, three generations of Core i5 processor, NV 5200M professional graphics card, high-end business special design three characteristics determine the positioning of this machine is high-end business computer machine.

The Dell E6430 is both elegant and professional in terms of appearance and configuration. It not only satisfies the daily use of business people, but also stimulates your potential like their slogan, and accomplishes tasks that you think are impossible. Next we will analyze the appearance and configuration of this machine from the letter. In terms of appearance, the top cover of the Dell Latitude E6430 notebook is made of metal gray, and the matte silver is used at the edge of the fuselage and the shaft. Most of the C-face of the keyboard and touchpad are black. The business style keyboard uses a full-size ladder duckweed keyboard. The keyboard has a long keystroke and a moderate keycap. The keyboard uses a skin-like material. Handle, feel good in actual use. In terms of hardware configuration, Dell Latitude E6430 (E6430-102T) is equipped with Intel Core i5-3210M processor, original 2.5GHz frequency, with superior Turbo capability, 4GB DDR3 high-speed memory and 500GB hard drive, graphics card The model uses the NVIDIA Quadro 5200M professional graphics card, as well as the Intel HD 4000 core graphics card that comes with the processor. The overall configuration is very powerful, suitable for professional graphics people.

Generally speaking, business computers used by high-end business people are usually not exaggerated. They need to show a calm and professional style. The Dell E6430 is officially made based on such requirements. Its appearance is steady and smooth, its core has a powerful third-generation Core I5 ​​processor, coupled with professional graphics cards and special customized business efficient applications, Dell E6430 is definitely meeting all the needs of all business people, become Their preferred PC is naturally well-founded.

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