Disposable plastic infusion bottle assembly machine

[Name] Patent disposable plastic infusion bottle assembly machine applicant] [[Zhejiang University inventors bear four-chang]; Chen Guobo; Xian [310014] principal applicant address City, Zhejiang Hangzhou Zhaohui six districts] [Application No. 200420055950.6
【 Application Date 】 2004.12.31
[Examination and announcement number] 2754870
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.02.01
[Main classification number] B29C65/48(2006.01)I
[DOI] B29C65 / 48 (2006.01) I
[Instruction CD-ROM] D0605-1
[Abstract] disposable plastic infusion bottle assembly machine, comprising a clamp opening and closing of a robot, which is connected to the link mechanism her fingers a finger for controlling opening and closing events. The robot is mounted on a mounting frame, and the rear end of the mounting frame is mounted with a roller, and the roller is supported on a ring body. The ring body has a first touching mechanism in sequence, and a submerged concave portion of the glue is detached and is installed. A recess and a second touching mechanism are provided with a glue box corresponding to the submerged concave portion of the glue; the mounting frame is sleeved on a guide rod having a longitudinal guide groove; a pre-tension spring is sleeved on the guide rod, and a turntable is inserted at the lower end of the guide rod; The bottle cover positioning mold is arranged on the turntable, and the positioning cavity of the bottle cover positioning mold corresponds to the position of the robot hand. The utility model realizes the mechanical automatic installation of the disposable plastic infusion bottle, the assembly speed is fast, the efficiency is improved exponentially, a large amount of labor cost is saved, and the pollution that may be caused during human assembly is avoided, and the hygiene standard is improved.
[Agency] Hangzhou Tengen Patent Office Ltd [agents] Wang Bing Yuan Mu chess



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