Effective Ways for Printing Enterprises to Convert ISO9000:2000 (Chinese)

It can be said that the concept of the big process basically covers the entire content of the enterprise's production and management work. It uses the process method model to build the quality management system. Through the process identification, process management, and application of the process composition system, the process is effectively controlled. Provide a standardized system space for creating first-class products.
Second, a comprehensive review and evaluation of the company's current persimmon 芾硖逑 芾硖逑 鲈诵 鲈诵 鲈诵 ( ( (11) 乱?br> In recent years, there are about 200 printing companies established in accordance with the 1994 version of the standard Quality Management System. After several years of operation, to a certain extent, the behavior of employees has been standardized, the work interface has been streamlined, the product quality has been improved, and customer satisfaction has also been increasing. However, at the same time as achieving results, there are indeed some more prominent problems, which are summarized in the following aspects:
1. Some printing companies cannot fully understand the standards and cannot organically combine the actual work with the standard documentization requirements. On the one hand, the stomach still operates according to the inherent traditional management and process models. On the other hand, the compliance requirements are fulfilled. More relevant records are made, and the documented standards are shelved to form two skins. That is to say, there is a certain degree of serious disconnect between written and done, and the normal operation of the quality system requires that it be divorced from the daily production and management activities. The provisions of the document will become an additional burden on the minds of a few people, especially on an individual basis. Traditionally experienced employees are particularly prominent.
2. In the high season of printing, due to the short period of time the customers left for the company's replenishment cycle, the few employees gave up the normal quality record keeping work to keep in the off-season. This vicious cycle has led to out-of-control of local production links, poor process monitoring, and occasional product quality accidents. It is difficult to provide convincing and confirmable data that can be traced back and full analysis bases. Not enough, it is easy to fall into the error of the quality record work.
3. The coverage of the original quality policy and quality target of a few printing companies is too wide, and it is almost defined in the single category of books and periodicals. Packaging, decorating, newspapers, and other products have become forgotten corners. This is inconsistent with the all-round development of enterprises, participation in the cross-industry competition in the climate, and is not conducive to enterprises entering the market competition, people's thinking paralysis. Therefore, in the conversion of the 2000 version of the standard, such printing companies should jump out of the original established framework, re-establish the corporate quality policy and quality objectives to meet the needs of strategic development.
4. The employees of the company still have some incorrect understanding of the quality system and cannot consciously implement the provisions of the document; some even regard the operation of the quality system as a record-keeping data, and the quality system audit as a data check. and many more.
Only after determining the problems and weaknesses in the company's quality management system can we determine the focus of the revision work, and use it as the basis for the revision of the work.
Third, the revision and preparation of system documents is the result of process identification, and it is also the key to successful revision.
Compared with the 1994 version, the new version of the standard greatly relaxed the requirements of the document, but this does not mean that the new standard will weaken the system document. It only gives the organization more freedom in the selection of the entire system document. The new standard 4.2.1 of the quality management system documents of the Minghu organization shall include: a (quality policy and quality objectives of the document; b (quality manual; c) the documented procedures required by this standard; d) this standard The required records; also includes e) documents required by the organization to ensure that its processes are produced, operated and controlled. This shows that no matter how many quality system documents are finally established by an organization, it must ensure that its processes are effectively planned, operated, and controlled.
In response to the problems existing in the operation of the 1994 version of the enterprise system and the requirements of the northeastern links and the new standards for the system documents, the main line of the process model should be highlighted during the revision and preparation of the 2000 version of the system document, through identification, management, and supervision of the process. Improve to establish quality management. For the sake of speaking, we will focus on the following major aspects:
1. On the basis of the identification process and the review of the 1994 version of the system documentation, the content outline and chapters of the enterprise system document structure, quality policy, objectives, and quality manuals are determined;
2. Clearly revised, preparation work from the concept to the actual writing must always run through eight quality management principles, especially customer focus, process approach, management system approach, continuous improvement, fact-based decision-making methods;
3. It is necessary to clarify the contents of the revision of each process procedure file, including input, activity, output, and other process relationships, interfaces, and PDCA cycle must be followed, in particular, to improve surveillance, measurement, and improvement provisions; (to be continued)

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