Electro-aluminum hot stamping does not solve one case

In the hot stamping process, we often encounter hot stamping and insufficiency in the phenomenon of hot stamping, making the imprinting incomplete or blurry. Hot stamping on coated substrates is more likely to cause these problems. Manufacturers who produce anodized aluminum have targeted production of relevant models, such as: hot stamping of anodized aluminum and hot stamping of anodized aluminum, as well as hot stamping of fine products such as electrochemical aluminum.

Recently, in the production process, the author needs to apply stamped wrapping paper. The customer requested hot stamping of the bronze color on the coated layer and the use of domestic bronze. Our existing, approved bronze spot colors cannot be hot stamped on coated paper, but customers of imported aluminum color are not recognized. Seeing the contract period approaching, what should we do?

Hot stamping process is the use of temperature and pressure, the rapid stripping of the electrochemical aluminum from the base film, so that the color of the aluminum layer quickly transferred to the substrate transfer process. In this process, technical indicators such as peel force, adhesive force, and adsorption force have corresponding requirements. Judging from experience, it is possible to stamp the successful electro-aluminum on the top of the BOPP film. Its adhesive force and adsorption force between the colored aluminum layer and the substrate must be better than other models of similar products. Based on this judgment, we first hot-stamped the color of the aluminum foil that customers do not need on the film surface of the film-coated decorative paper, that is, the hot-laminated aluminum foil, and then hot-pressed once on the gold-clad aluminum foil layer. Bronze anodized aluminum, which was originally not stamped on a BOPP film, is now stamped with anodized aluminum on an aluminum foil that has been hot stamped to cover the golden electro-aluminum. Although the number of printers in this process has doubled, it has met the needs of customers. The bronze stamping effect has also made customers very satisfied.
Solving this problem does not belong to a normative process and it is worth considering.

Source: Jinhua Printing

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