Evaluation: simple wild red apple D812-10 double bed

At first sight, this bedding was not attracted by its simple and clean appearance. The Swedish white piano paint surface was softly shimmered under the yellow magnesium light. The simple overall look is combined with the delicate details of the workmanship, while the simple and versatile practical design allows it to be easily integrated into a variety of design style bedrooms .

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The main body frame plate of the bed is a high-quality MDF. The MDF is characterized by a well-balanced internal structure, good machinability, easy to engrave and spare parts of various shapes and shapes. This is the wood used in most sheet homes. The surface is a Swedish white piano paint.


The main body of the support is a large steel column that is anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, and a matte textured aluminum alloy that is used for decoration. The anti-counterfeit trademark of the red apple is printed on the periphery of the 304 stainless steel at the bottom of the bed. In addition, a hidden rubber pad is placed at the bottom of the foot of the bed to prevent scratching and scratching.


The bed is 33cm high and is fitted with a mattress that is high enough to make it comfortable to sit and prevent the knee from bending and discomfort. The design is ergonomic. The 25cm bed bottom is placed in a height limit sufficient to meet people's storage needs. The storage box capacity is 38 liters in the figure, and about 10 such boxes can be placed in the length and width of the bed 1.8*2.

In order to prevent the single-screen bright design of the bed screen from being too single, a silver decorative strip with a color matching on both sides of the bed screen is added, and the silver and white light complement each other. In addition, the bed screen and the bed joint are flat and smooth, not only simple and stylish, but also convenient to place the mattress.

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