Evaluation: three-dimensional pattern Mona Lisa Roman rhyme

Mona Lisa Roman rhyme stone pattern is closer to natural stone, like the texture between the stone walls on the rock wall, the sandstone of different shades, even some light-colored crystals can be seen, simple and realistic, from a distance The three-dimensional feeling is very strong, and the effect of natural stone is realistic and delicate.

As a full-glazed antique brick, the Mona Lisa Roman rhyme stone subverts the impression of the matt and matt of the antique brick in terms of gloss, but with a soft and gentle luster. The assessor placed the brick under the chandelier, and the brick surface reflected a soft outline, creating a warm and romantic feeling.

This brick is made of all-ceramic. From the side, the embryo body is white, the texture is fine and uniform, and the secret is large. The clerk introduced that because it is all-ceramic, its water absorption is very small and can be ignored. The assessor went to the back of the tile to get a little water. After a few minutes, the water was not infiltrated. After wiping the water with a rag, the back of the tile was still dry.

Pour a little water on the tile surface, and the tester personally experienced it. The more he stepped on the water, the more friction felt under his feet, and it was not slippery at all.

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