Food Packaging Inkjet Printing Production Dates Are Worn And Modified

Recently, some media reported that employees of a certain brand of Zhejiang Pure Milk changed the date of the temporary product to a genuine price of 45 yuan per box to the market. A certain brand of instant noodle dealers in Shenyang, Liaoning Province was suspected of falsifying instant noodles and was investigated by the industry and commerce authorities. The above incident once again pushed the issue of reliability of food production to the public. Some consumers are concerned about the accuracy of the date of production.

The production date is lost

On August 29th, the reporter visited several large supermarkets, such as Huarun Wanjia of Jixi Road, Yanta District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, Wal-Mart of Lianhu District, and Wanjiale of Gaoxin District, and found that most of the production dates on bagged food packages are illegible in terms of production dates. . Of the dozens of items such as Pepsi potato chips and dried bean curd, which were randomly purchased by the reporter, the production date of only one bottle of mineral water could not be smeared. The production dates of other products were wiped off by hand or by hand.

On August 30th, when the reporter visited Wal-Mart Store in Lianhu District, Xi'an City, Ms. Li, a consumer who was picking milk for her son, was encountered in the cold storage area. I saw Ms. Li selecting a few packets of milk and carefully looking at the production date one by one. Ms. Li told reporters that because she was worried about buying a product that tampered with the date of production, I had to carefully check the production date several times for each purchase, for fear of any problems. The supermarket shopping guide Ms. Yan told reporters that large supermarkets rarely alter the production date, but because the production date is not solid and easy to smear, consumers will not trust. “As a supermarket shopping guide, I hope the manufacturers Can improve the printing method, so that consumers can rest assured that we also worry."

Inkjet printing is very easy to wear

According to the Xi'an Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the current date of food packaging production label printing is divided into two kinds of inkjet and laser, the inkjet printer is the most seen in the market, because of its low cost and easy operation is highly recognized by the manufacturer. Only a few major brands use laser printing production dates. The ink-jet printing method causes the production date to be easily worn or smeared, and the laser printing is hard to wear and smear, but the laser imprinting machine has a high cost and relatively little use.

Mr. Liu, a staff member of Xi'an Tonghui Food & Beverage Factory, told reporters that the factory is currently using a printing machine to print the production date. As long as the ink used by the printer has strong adhesion, it is difficult to apply, if ordinary ink is used. Poor adhesion is extremely easy to apply. Shaanxi Yiming Foods Co., Ltd. customer service personnel said that at present, the production date of the company's products is also inkjet printing, and said there are very few manufacturers in Xi'an with laser printing products.

Inkjet printing should be eliminated

Professor Guo Yanfeng of the School of Printing and Packaging Engineering at Xi'an University of Technology believes that in order to solve the problems existing in the current production date, it is necessary to cancel the ink-jet printing method and use laser printing uniformly. Taking into account the high cost of laser printing, complete elimination of ink-jet printing, it will take time. From the current situation, a low-cost and effective way is to co-finance equipment purchased by similar manufacturers to form a third-party production date monitoring department. The printing and control of the production date shall be managed by the supervisory department and the responsibility system shall be responsible for the responsibility. They can share costs and can supervise each other.

According to MA Shiqun, Secretary General of the Xi'an Consumers Association, the higher cost of consumer rights protection is one of the factors that cause manufacturers and companies to not pay attention to the production date. Most consumers will not go to supermarkets to protect their rights for a pack of two yuan. More It's a bad luck. If the consumer’s rights to protect rights in the earlier period are borne by the manufacturer, the disputed product will be reimbursed by the consumer to the manufacturer after passing the qualification appraisal by the quality inspection department, or it will be shared by the two parties according to the situation. This will mobilize the enthusiasm of consumers for rights protection and promote Manufacturers adopt more advanced production date printing technology.

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