How to choose and buy small apartment bathroom products

The wide bathroom can certainly have a broader and flexible way of matching, but for most indoor homes with ensuite space pattern, it is still largely a mini small bathroom space. This spatial pattern has more limitations in the selection and selection of bathroom products, but through reasonable product selection and scientific arrangement and selection, even the smallest one can be well used.

From the perspective of space pattern modeling, the square pattern bathroom is very suitable for the use of corners for space-saving design thinking. In the above design cases, the diagonal position is good at using the fan-shaped shower screen and fan-shaped bathtub as space utilization and matching. This design is not only well used in space, but also more comfortable in the overall visual presentation. In the remaining space, the body shape of the bathroom equipment is not occupied by additional space, and a set of fully functional bathroom rooms is successfully integrated.

In domestic home design, preference is given to the narrow and long design as the spatial pattern. For the bathroom with narrow and long spatial pattern, it is easier to separate the wet and dry areas. For the selection of toilets and bathroom cabinets, attention should be paid to the width. If you feel that the toilet occupies a large space, you can consider buying a wall-mounted toilet to solve the problem of space constraints.

In addition, in the design of some product details, as well as customized products specially made for small apartment bathroom spaces, they can also solve the space constraints. The key to a favorable integrated design for a small apartment is the rational selection and selection of products. This time, we will give you two bathroom products that are good for matching small-sized bathroom spaces for your reference.

Recommended products: Ai Ge love family 3025W acrylic fan-shaped bathtub

Ai Ge Lianjia 3025W acrylic fan-shaped bathtub is suitable for placement in the corner of the bathroom, which makes great use of the problems in the bathroom space. The clean and elegant white color combined with the stylish and beautiful layout design can bring a comfortable and simple style to the bathroom.

The product combines high-quality acrylic sheet with strong plasticity and glass fiber with high hardness, which not only guarantees the good toughness and hardness of the bathtub, but also effectively keeps the product from prone to cracking and deformation under long-term use and is durable.

Although the product is designed in a fan shape, it always takes into account the characteristics of human body use. The ingenious inclined arc design maintains the comfort of the human body during use. The special ABS anti-corrosion bath pillow is designed according to the ergonomic design features, which is perfectly combined with the human neck.

Comment: Many consumers are worried that it is difficult to match a reasonable pattern in a small-sized bathroom and a bathroom with a square pattern. A fan-shaped bathtub is definitely a bathtub product that skillfully solves this problem.

Recommended products: Jiu Mu 36178-105 single handle hard tube shower set

If you want to achieve a greater functional use effect in the bathroom space of a small apartment, the shower set type can solve the insufficient performance of the space use function, and the various and repeated shower faucets occupy a small bathroom space .

Jiumu 36178-105 single handle hard tube shower set top spray adopts a large fresh and environmentally friendly solar top spray, with a smooth and smooth appearance. The water mixing effect stimulated by the air mixing technology can greatly enhance the comfortable shower experience.

The hand shower uses three different shower modes, and the water effect of air and water is also added to improve the comfort of bathing. The well-touched water nozzle made of environmentally friendly materials can be easily removed by lightly pressing the soft dirt, which is easy to clean and easy to take care of.

Comment: The complete shower set integrates the problem of multi-functional integration in a small space, and a top spray head with a large spray area is the key to a comfortable shower. Secondly, the shower nozzle made of silicone and other materials can easily and effectively clean the backlog of scale and cause the problem of poor water discharge.

These are the two bathroom products that are good for matching small-sized bathroom space. If your home is in bathroom decoration, it may be a good consideration.

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