How to use science and teaching aids in kindergartens

How to use science and teaching aids in kindergartens
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Toys are intimate partners of children, from Montessori to Reggio, from Chen Heqin to Tao Xingzhi. In the study and exploration of children's education, educators have more or less pointed out the development of toys and games for children's physical and mental development. Importance, "education and fun" has always been the ideal of education, especially early childhood education. Children's learning has its own characteristics, and it is necessary to achieve the best results through the participation of various senses such as sight, hearing, feeling and touch. Through research and teaching aids, young children can play in middle school and play in school. This method can not only meet the needs of children's games, but also enable young children to establish the connection between real things and abstract concepts in playing with teaching aids. For kindergartens, it is very important to make good use of the safety of teaching aids and guide teachers to use teaching aids efficiently, so that children can learn, self-explore, self-discovery and self-improvement in the interaction with toys.
Keywords: careful purchase
Kindergarten purchase configuration toys should be cautious
Toys can enrich the child's imagination, expand the child's vision, and increase the child's knowledge. As the head of the garden, when buying toys, pay attention to the following aspects to ensure the safety and applicability of the toys.
First, the logo should be clear and complete
The name of the factory name should be indicated on the toy packaging or tag, to suit the age range, and in the eye-catching places, indicate the standard, method of use and precautions.
Second, pay attention to the accessories of the toy
For active children, you should pay attention to check whether the toy has the precautions for small parts, to prevent the child from disassembling and swallowing, causing suffocation and other dangers.
Third, pay attention to the material problem
Because the kindergarten children are small, the body resistance is poor, toys made of materials harmful to the child's body should be eliminated, such as flash toys can easily hurt children's eyes. Children are curious and have poor self-protection. Try not to buy such toys.
Configure different toys for children at different stages:

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