Hydrogen sulfide detector H28056

Sulfide analyzer, hydrogen sulfide detector in water Model: H28056H28056 Sulfide analyzer, hydrogen sulfide detector in water Product introduction: The instrument is widely used in domestic water, drinking water, surface water and treated wastewater (transparent and suspended water) Determination of the concentration of sulfide (hydrogen sulfide) in the H28056 sulfide analyzer, technical parameters of hydrogen sulfide detector in water 1, measurement range: 0.005 ~ 1.000mg / L, exceeding the dilution measurement 2, the minimum resolution: 0.001 mg / L3, Indication error: ≤±5%4, repeatability: ≤3%5, optical stability: ≤0.002A/20min6, external dimensions: main unit 266mm×200mm×130mm7, power consumption: 30W8, weight: less than 1kgH28056 Sulfide determination Instrument, hydrogen sulfide detector in water Features: 1, using cold light, monochromatic light as a light source, optical stability is excellent, will not be affected by various light. 2, large-screen LCD display, all settings, calibration, recording operations are all implemented in the same integrated environment. 3, using V / F conversion, software redundancy, software traps and other technologies, strong anti-interference. 4, can store 10 working curves and 99 historical records, power is not lost. 5, with factory calibration and user-defined calibration function 6, the mainframe shell uses ABS material after the mold, good corrosion resistance. H28056 Sulfide Analyzer, Hydrogen Sulfide Detector Product Configuration List: 1 host, 3 colorimetric tubes, 1 set of sulfide reagent, 1 power cord, 1 copy of manual, certificate and warranty card.

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