I can't afford to wash these skins with thousands of creams.

Many people like to use high-nutrient skin care products, but they are applied all day long, but the skin is still the same. Is it a skin problem, or is the effect of skin care products not as good as the legend?

Thicker cuticle

Thicker cuticle

1. Thicker cuticle should not use high nutrition skin care products

If you don't thoroughly clean your skin for a long time, or if you have little skin care, your face will have thick keratin. This layer of keratin is “paste” on the face like a closed barrier, preventing the nutrients in the skin from penetrating into the skin.

Improvement measures: Women with thicker cuticles want to use high-nutrient skin care products. The skin must be thoroughly cleaned first, then the stratum corneum is softened with a fat-rich exfoliating product, and the keratin is finally washed away. Only the "unloading" of the stratum corneum mask can remove the burden on the skin and allow the nutrients to come into contact with the epidermal cells at zero distance. At this time, the skin not only absorbs moisture and various nutrients, but also promotes blood circulation of the skin, thereby accelerating skin metabolism and improving skin texture.

2. Oily skin should not use high nutrition skin care products

Oily skin secretes more sebum, which will appear greasy and bright, and is not sensitive to external stimuli. The oil deposited on the surface of the skin is like a waterproof plastic film that prevents the nutrition in the skin from penetrating into the skin.

Improvement measures: When using high-nutrient skin care products, oily skin should first thoroughly cleanse the skin, smooth the pores and make it smooth. For people with oily skin, you can use a professional degrease facial cleanser, or add a few drops of white vinegar to the face wash to wash off the oil on the surface of the skin. On this basis, you can use a deep cleansing mask, apply 1-2 times a week, thoroughly clean the dirt inside the pores, so that the secretion of sebaceous glands gradually returns to normal.

3. Sensitive skin should not use high-nutrition skin care products

When skin-sensitive people use high-nutrition skin care products, skin and nutrients will compete. At this time, the more sensitive the skin care product is, the more sensitive the skin will be (the skin becomes very thin, the water will not lock, the more the skin will be hydrated), and the symptoms such as itching and redness will appear.

Improvement measures: People with sensitive skin can not easily use high-nutrition skin care products, but should choose natural, mild, soap-free care products. In addition, moisturizing the skin is the focus of maintenance on sensitive skin. This type of skin can be selected with anti-sensitive lotion, which has high water content, can soothe sensitive skin, help the skin to adjust the water retention, increase the skin's resistance, and gradually adapt sensitive skin to the gentle care of skin care products.

4. Weak skin should not use high nutrition skin care products

The so-called weak skin refers to the skin of the stratum corneum, hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands that are not developed. This type of skin often feels that the skin is very tight, often with dandruff and small papules. This type of skin is difficult to absorb the nutrients in skin care products.

Improvement measures: For such weak skin, it is best to choose small molecules or pure plant skin care products. These skin care products are relatively mild in nature and, because of their small size, can easily penetrate the stratum corneum of the skin and are therefore easily absorbed by the skin.

5. High-nutrition skin care products should not be used when the skin does not need nutrition.

Skin care experts emphasize that the skin can only absorb the nutrients it lacks, and its absorption capacity is rather weak. Therefore, when purchasing skin care products, it is best to do a skin test first, find the type of nutrition that your skin lacks, and then buy.

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