Introduction of Deli Swing Shower Room Series

The shower room is a must-have device for most families now. The shower room provides a sensory feast for every cell of the body, which is a paradise of its own. In addition to the freshness of the body, it can also enjoy the personalized exclusive shower space. In this issue, the editor will introduce you to the Deli Pingkai shower room products in detail, hoping to help you buy.

Deli shower room

Zhongshan Deli Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Deli") was founded in 1996. For 17 years, Deli has always focused on the design and manufacture of customized shower rooms, and is committed to providing people with high quality life with an international design style. , Personalized and reliable quality high-end customized shower room products, allowing millions of families to enjoy a more fashionable modern shower life.

Brand Positioning

Deli has always adhered to the "high-end customization" brand development direction, through differentiated design and manufacturing, to achieve customers' pursuit of personalized life needs. Deliye has become synonymous with high-end shower rooms, and is recognized as the "non-standard king" in the shower room industry.

Strong strength

Deli has successively obtained 26 national patents and is the only shower room manufacturing enterprise in the country with a complete industrial chain. In addition, Deli also has the country's first industry-level standard quality inspection center, is the setter of shower room industry standards. At the end of 2013, the new Deli plant with an area of ​​nearly 70 acres was put into use, which greatly improved the company's production capacity and delivery speed. It was also another milestone in the development of Deli. By 2014, Deli shower room sales have been ranked first in the industry for eight consecutive years, is the veritable shower room brand.

Deli shower room swing series product introduction

11 Series Product Description

1. Adjust the vertical and horizontal directions of the wall clip to correct the wall construction error

2. Organ-shaped rubber strip, strong waterproof function between shafts

3. External open-type boutique rack, shared with the hand-washing station, humanized design

4. H-shaped stone base, good sealing under the movable door

17 Series Product Description

1.304 stainless steel inter-wall clamp, to adjust the vertical and horizontal directions, to correct the error of wall construction

2. Using 304 stainless steel crown-type peripheral support rod, good stability, unique accessories shape

3. Full frameless design, high-end and generous; all 304 stainless steel accessories, refined and polished

4. The flat stone base is equipped with a whole water-blocking aluminum material, which has a good sealing effect and reduces the glass glue

18 Series Product Description

1. Original 180-degree rotation positioning support rod design, beautiful and elegant, stable and durable

2. Patented 304 stainless steel wall clip, realize the function of front, rear, left and right adjustment, correct the construction error of the wall

3. The bottom of the glass is designed with a full circle of water-blocking aluminum material with a waterproof rubber strip, which has a good waterproof effect

4. All frameless design, transparent and generous; patent king handle, unique ingenuity

26 Series Product Description

1. Forming stainless steel 304 hardware accessories at one time, with polished brightness up to five-level mirror effect

2. Altar-shaped handles and levers complement atmospheric hardware, complementing each other.

3. The hinge of the joint wall has the function of front, rear, left and right adjustment, making the opening more natural

4. Slope-shaped stainless steel 304 water blocking material, good water blocking effect, high grade

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