Introduction of wood fire retardant and protective technology

The goal of this project is to introduce the most advanced wood protection technology matured in the United States in the 1990s --
Production and application technology of Dricon wood fire retardant. For the protection of our precious wood resources and prevention.
Reducing the risk of wood fires is significant. Dricon is the American Hickson Company (Hickson
Corporation) is a flame retardant for wood and other cellulosic materials exclusively produced by the patented technology of Koppers Company (1nc,). It was recognized by the American Wood Preservative Association (AWPA) in the mid-1990s and is recognized as a It is a new type of water-soluble flame retardant with high efficiency, low toxicity and no environmental pollution. It has excellent properties such as low hygroscopicity, anti-corrosion, anti-termite and natural color of wood. The development prospect is very broad.

In view of the fact that Dricon technology cannot be introduced through technical trade, there is a certain research foundation in China.
This project introduces Dricon's relevant technical materials, products and special instruments and equipment, in the digestion,
On the basis of absorption, through innovative research and development of new technologies for wood flame retardant and protection with independent intellectual property rights.

On the basis of comprehensive analysis, collation, and research on the open literature and some unpublished materials related to Dricon's patent specifications, the laboratory analysis and testing of the Dricon sample system, and the sending of researchers to the United States for inspection and technical training, as well as hiring American experts came to China to give lectures and exchange technology and rigorous work, and found out the formula, main performance and production application of Dricon. On this basis, after in-depth theoretical analysis and day-to-day experiments, a successful performance is no less than
Dricon's new wood fire retardant. The following major substantive progress has been made:
(1) The chemical composition of Dricon and the molecular structure of the main active material GUP were clarified by spectral analysis and chemical analysis.
(2) The performance of Dricon was tested and a new wood flame retardant FRW was designed based on this.
(3) Research on the successful synthesis of GUP, the yield and product purity are better than the patented technology adopted by Dricon. The new method of GUP synthesis has been tested for 45 times and proved to be high and stable.
%~97%), this technology has been declared national invention patent.
(4) Using the self-made GUP as the main active substance, the new wood flame retardant FRW was innovatively produced through the compounding technology.
(5) Designed and built a wood processing pilot plant; designed and initially built the GUP synthetic pilot plant,
It laid the foundation for promoting the application.
(6) The main properties of FRW were tested. The results show that the solubility is significantly better than Dricon, flame retardant,
Other properties such as moisture absorption are not lower than Dricon.
(7) Research and development of FRW treatment processes suitable for Korean pine and purple forging respectively.
(8) Using the advanced cone calorimeter technology, the combustion performance and flame retardant mechanism of FRW treated wood were studied.

FRW new high-efficiency wood fire retardant, mainly used for flame retardancy of furniture and indoor wood decorative materials and cellulose materials such as paper products, suitable for promotion in various regions of the country, the market is huge. FRW not only has excellent flame retardancy, but also has the anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and termite-proof functions that other flame retardants do not have, and the hygroscopicity is close to untreated wood and far less than the traditional inorganic salt flame retardant. In addition, FRW
The production cost is obviously lower than that of existing products at home and abroad such as Dricon, and it does not pollute the environment during production and use. Therefore, the promotion and application prospect of this project is very broad.

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