Introduction to ATP Fluorescence Microbial Rapid Detection System


Introduction to TP Fluorescence Microorganism Rapid MHY-26975

At present, the total number of colonies in domestic food microorganisms is usually measured by agar plate colony counting method. The detection time of the total number of colonies is 48 hours. It has certain limitations for emergency inspection, sampling inspection and general inspection work, and its detection equipment is oversized. Large, not easy to carry, and lack of instruments that can be matched with the HACCP system and corresponding instruments for accurate and rapid detection of contaminated microorganisms in various foods in food processing, packaging, storage, transportation and sales, thus making the "issued" It is difficult to implement or promote the system or the standard. Even if there are some test equipment that can be carried, it is difficult to be widely used and promoted because of the high price. In view of the above reasons, and in order to better introduce advanced technology and promote the development of China's food safety industry, the experimental data of the BL bacteria rapid tester and the national standard obtained by our department show that the ATP fluorescence microorganisms (total number of colonies) are fast. The detection system (BL bacteria rapid tester) is one of the more advanced food detection systems, which meets the requirements of the current status of food hygiene indicators in China. The detection result of BL bacteria rapid tester has certain correlation with the test result of national standard method, and its detection time is short, the detection method is simple and easy, the equipment performance is relatively stable, the volume is small, easy to carry, the price is moderate, and it is easy to use in China's food industry. Promotion.


ATP Fluorescence Microorganism Rapid MHY-26975 Features

(1) Short time: Compared with the conventional bacterial plate count, the main features of the rapid inspection system are fast and accurate results. The plate counting method takes two days to get the test data, and the quick check system can provide real-time or near real-time data within 1-5 minutes. Therefore, the adoption of the rapid inspection system is a prerequisite for the implementation of the HACCP certification system, the establishment of food safety early warning and traceability systems, and the improvement of work efficiency and management standardization.

(2) Portable: The three components that make up the system can be placed in a small portable tool case with a total weight of less than 2.5 kg and easy to carry.

(3) Easy to operate: Under the conditions of carefully reading the manual, understanding the basic principle of the quick inspection system, and carefully performing the operation steps, the test can be carried out after several actual operations, and no special training is required.

ATP fluorescence method microbial rapid MHY-26975 technical parameters

Detection time 1 second - 99 seconds free setting

Sensitivity 5×10-18mol/L (standard ATP)

Detection range 0-110 cfu/ml or 10-13 mol/ml-10-9 mol/ml (ATP)

Repeat error (inter-batch difference) ≤±5 %

Data output RLU (bacterial cell ATP content), total number of colonies

Storage media FLASHROM 64KB

Data storage data is stored in file format

Data content includes RLU (numerical value), total number of colonies, sample name, file name, record number, date, time, length of detection, etc.

The total number of colony conversion formulas can be set freely

Storage space 1000 data records

Display mode 4-line Chinese character LCD display

Data query is queried by file record

Continuous working time continuous working time is more than 10 hours

Computer connected USB interface

Power charging lithium battery power supply

Connect to a PC to detect and transmit test results in real time

PC software data can be stored in the ACCESS database in a variety of ways to query, statistics, summary, etc.; can directly convert the test data to EXCEL file

Instrument size 165x 90 x 55 mm

Instrument weight 0.65Kg

Operating temperature 5 °C - 60 °C

Relative humidity 20-80%

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