It is so difficult for Shenyang to increase millions of "ill" furniture

As time goes by, the use of functions is reduced, and parts are damaged, furniture will always be replaced. Every year, a large amount of new furniture is poured into the sales market, and a large amount of furniture is aging and damaged. According to statistics, Shenyang has discarded dozens of pieces of furniture every year. These discarded furniture not only waste resources, but also increase the difficulty of garbage disposal. Old-fashioned furniture is often sold to the flea market, or sold at very low prices to hawkers in the streets.

It is clear that there is a consumer demand, it seems to be a "gold mine" to be developed, why the furniture repair and renovation market is slow, not being valued by many people? Starting today, this newspaper will launch a series of reports on the “Road of Old Furniture Maintenance”.

The data shows that Shenyang's annual furniture elimination is more than 1 million sets. This year, one million sets of old furniture are either thrown homeless in the corner of the house, or placed in the corridor, on the side of the street... In fact, they are not all useless and helpless, no wonder someone feels: This 1 million sets of furniture can be used reasonably, I believe that it is not just profit!

Old furniture, it is so difficult to repair it?

Uncle Lee is 73 years old and has just bought a new house recently, but Uncle Li and his wife are not happy. It turned out that the old house was about to be sold soon, but the old furniture in the room did not know what to do. Throw it, it’s a pity, keep using it, there are still some minor problems. Uncle Li is extremely looking forward to someone who can help him solve the old furniture problem.

The old two old furniture are very elaborate, and some look like 70% new. In the past, the wood for making furniture was good. The carved wooden bed, the heavy hardwood dining table, and the solid wood large wardrobe were inlaid with a large mirror. In the past, every time before going out, the wife would take a photo in front of the mirror. Now, looking at these used intimate furniture, Uncle Li is very contradictory, but also looking for someone to come to see at home, want to repair, but people are not out of high prices, that is to say, furniture repair is too troublesome to repair.

"It’s OK to fix it!"

Ms. Zhang lived in the 50-square-meter house of the unit for more than 10 years. Some time ago, she caught up with the furniture discount and she changed the new cabinet, coffee table and dining table. The whole family is very excited to immerse themselves in the warmth of their own cottage. The old furniture that has just been eliminated is still 80% new. Although it is a little bit ill, Ms. Zhang does not want to throw it away.

Some time ago, she went to the remote mountainous area and saw that the primary school teacher there was very rudimentary. She had already had the idea to simply renovate her furniture and give it to the teachers there. Although it can't solve big problems, it is also a thin heart of its own. Ms. Zhang went around to find out, and she did not find someone who could help her solve the problem. Ms. Zhang is very much looking forward to someone who can help her find a way to make the furniture useful and solve the problem of throwing away furniture.

Appeal: Old furniture repair solves big problems

After many days of investigation by reporters, things like Uncle Li and Ms. Zhang’s family are everywhere in Shenyang. With many years of furniture, the owner generally hopes that it will have a good home. Even if it is not possible to use it twice, it is better to have a centralized and unified treatment. During the interview, the reporter also collected the voices of many residents. They agreed that now is the era of advocating green environmental protection. Many of the things that should be used should try their best to mobilize all residents to make rational use. In this way, many corridors, old residential quarters and small horse roads will reduce the number of old furniture abandoned by residents.

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