J&J Medical Bottle Defects Decision Recall Product

The Voice of China "CNR News" reported that the US Johnson & Johnson company announced on the 17th, after receiving a complaint about the design of medicine bottles parent company decided to recall 574,000 bottles of grape in the US market sales of oral anti-fever medicine Tylenol liquid. Johnson & Johnson said that the recall will focus on retail pharmacies and wholesalers. For consumers, if the protective medicine cap on the top of the medical bottle is still in use, the drug can continue to be used. In addition, Tylenol for children over the age of two is not included in this recall.

According to reports, Johnson & Johnson said that the recalled drugs were just listed in November last year and were produced by the company's pharmaceutical factory in Italy. They are mainly used for infants under the age of two. In order to ensure the precise use of drugs, the medical bottle body has adopted a new design. However, the company has received 17 complaints from parents that protective caps had fallen into the interior of medical bottles when straws were inserted into medical bottles.

In the past two years or more, there have been many drug recalls by Johnson & Johnson and some of its subordinate pharmaceutical factories still have unhealthy conditions. The US Food and Drug Administration has warned this. Johnsons spokesman Bonnie Jacobs said that the company has so far received no reports of serious adverse reactions to recalled drugs, and the risk of such problems is also "very small."


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