Kendo: Improve self-cultivation and enhance physical and mental health

Kendo originated in Japan and started in China. It belongs to a competitive sport. It is still very mysterious in the eyes of many citizens. I don't know how to play it. I don't know how to learn kendo. In fact, this kind of exercise is suitable for all kinds of people. Its biggest feature is that while exercising, it can also improve its self-cultivation and refine its body.

Kendo, Culture and roaring bow

Wearing a mask, wearing protective gear, holding a long sword, " Hey! Hey! Hey! " A burst of screaming swords; " Ha! Ha! Ha! " A voice of the opponent's arrogance, let every Tuesday The five-night and Sunday daytime Zhejiang National Fitness Center basketball hall has a hint of mystery. More than forty armed barefoot swordsmen waved bamboo swords in their hands and attacked their opponents' forearms, abdomen and heads. After a few minutes of confrontation, squatting, closing the knife, retreating five steps, saluting, each pair of swordsmen will be separated.

Many people think that Japan is the birthplace of kendo, but the ancestor of Japanese kendo is actually from China, blending the path of Confucius and Mencius, paying attention to benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith, and gathering the essence of Chinese traditional culture. There are a lot of rituals in the kendo. This is the biggest feeling of the reporter's interview on the day. When the swordsman enters the Kendo Dojo, he will bow to the ceremony. When the training begins, the trainees will have to sit still and raise their spirits before they can formally start training. Before and after training and competition, rituals must be performed. In rituals and kendo equipment, there are many special ceremonies and etiquettes in kendo. In the early study of kendo, etiquette training takes up the main part. The whole scene is silent, and this solemn atmosphere is also a place that many beginners are obsessed with. Kendo and charm can be practiced in the old.

Kendo is more competitive and more exciting than playing basketball. It can only hit the effective parts of the head, wrists, throat and abdomen. These positions are the most deadly parts in actual combat. Some people are worried that practicing kendo is dangerous. In fact, kendo is the safest of the current global confrontational martial arts. The kendo is not like a karate, a taekwondo, etc., but it is hit with a bamboo knife. Although the confrontation is strong, due to the complete set of protective gear, there are very few injuries in the fierce official competition.

Its greatest charm is that it can be practiced in the old age, and the more experienced it is, the more experienced it is, and it is not that young and strong can beat opponents. " Fist is afraid of young and strong, and the stick is afraid of the old wolf. The practice of Kendo is a gradual process. Basically, the practitioners are more experienced and more experienced. The older the more powerful. After practicing to a certain level, each kendo enthusiast and person In the war, you can clearly understand this. Only the deeper the understanding of the kendo, the more you can grasp the other's movements, this definitely requires a long practice process, and the gait is not like other sports, as long as it reaches a certain The level of level is OK, but the prescribed length of practice is available for the exam.

Kendo · Perseverance can withstand the sweltering cold

In the Kendo practice site, a strong sweaty smell mixed in the sweltering air came out. " It is difficult to overcome the practice of kendo. It is necessary to wear a Kendo suit in summer and winter. You can't wear other clothes inside, and the amount of exercise is very large. I can't stand the smell of my body, but I can overcome it now. Although practicing kendo is very boring and hard at first, they can exercise their perseverance. Almost every practitioner should have retired, but this is It is the spiritual manifestation of the martial arts that overcomes the difficulties. Someone gave up, some people persisted, and you will find that it has exercised your will and perseverance.

Kendo · repair as a match between heart and heart

Kendo important than the outcome, but rather focus on the inner self-cultivation, that is to say, kendo "laws" that self-cultivation "Tao."

Learning kendo can not only strengthen the body, but more importantly, after continuous learning, it will gain something in personality. When a person is fighting against an opponent, if there is a lot of thought in his heart, the attention to the opponent will be reduced. Many players in the lower stage competed with the high-ranking players. Half of the reasons for the failure were due to the fear of the lower position. Kendo and being a man are actually a truth. The more you go to the higher stage, the more peace-conscious, and the way you live.

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