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Kolumb mountaineering bag introduction

Love close to nature, longing for outdoor life, and gradually become a yearning for the quality of life of people living in today's society. Kolumb, an outdoor famous brand that has always advocated “light outdoor”, is always able to provide outdoor enthusiasts with the equipment they need. Kolumb, with its high quality and good reputation, presented the new large-capacity outdoor mountaineering bag for the majority of its ass. Kolumb's new outdoor mountaineering bag has a unique "octopus" look, high-quality material selection, innovative technical design, which makes this backpack more suitable for outdoor outings, long-distance hiking and other outdoor sports use . There are two colors of Kolumb mountaineering bag, there is no gender restrictions on use, and its price on the market is RMB 1199.

Kolumb mountaineering bag front display

Kolumb mountaineering package side show

The overall appearance of Kolumb's new mountaineering bag is “octopus”, stylish and dynamic. The backpack's internal capacity is a massive capacity of 65L, capable of carrying any outdoor commonly used or necessary items, whatever it wants to wear. The fabric of the backpack is mainly made of 210D nylon plaid fabric PU transparent plastic and 1680D Oxford fabric PU leather, which enhances the toughness of the surface fabric of the backpack and ensures the safety of outdoor use. It is more durable.

Kolumb backpacking backpack system

Kolumb mountaineering bag adopts the octopus carrying system, and according to ergonomic design to design the lumbar plate curvature, to ensure the comfort of outdoor sports. This piggyback system has a perfect fit with the back while at the same time ensuring good ventilation and ventilation. At the same time, it is equipped with VENTILATION SYSTEM-II, EVA point gravity distribution block design. The second generation block design of decentralized stress point is ergonomic, with more reasonable distribution of stress points; The air circulates the trough, and then the fresh air is added while the air is taken out; the punctuated block design allows the reciprocalness of the burden and the human body to be higher, and the movement becomes more comfortable, and can be more flexible and conformable to the body, ensuring the burden. Stability; For back-nets designed for small-capacity packages, the load-bearing points are mainly dispersed when not fully loaded, avoiding any single point of force and causing any uncomfortable discomfort.

Kolumb backpacking system

Octopus sucker for Kolumb mountaineering bag

In order to achieve a good carrying effect, Kolumb used a point system, an insulation system, and a platen die on the backpack to carry three types of piggyback designs. The point type EVA backplane selected by the point system has a stable structure, excellent elasticity, and exquisite material, which can guarantee the breathability of the back and make it more massage effect. Insulation system uses curved steel frame support, so that the main bag is separated from the suspension; the back to the spine part uses a single layer of fiber mesh, so that the body directly with the air, heat and sweat can be directly discharged; back and waist selection of soft Hollow sandwich fabric protects the body while maximizing heat loss. The flat plate stamper bears a design, keeping the back air circulation as freely as possible, and the flat plate LOGO stamper fits the back curve to enhance the comfort of the back.

Backpack straps use an adjustable pattern and two high-height buttons to adjust the shoulder strap length and shoulder length in a timely manner to suit individual needs, making it more comfortable to carry and more versatile. There is also a unique design in the backpack carrying system - pre-bent aluminum rods, the use of pre-curved aluminum rods can support the entire bag shape, thus ensuring the stability of the backpack.

Pre-curved aluminum rods for Kolumb hiking bags

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