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A device that can completely kill bacteria and viruses in milk or liquid beverages after being sterilized was successfully developed in Hebei Shichuang Food Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. recently. This device has been used in the company's sterile milk production line and aseptic packaging machine. The use of this technology to produce soft packaging of sterile milk can ensure that all bacteria and viruses in milk are killed. Recently, the Department of Hygiene and Epidemic Prevention conducted tests on sterile packaged soft packaging of aseptic milk products. The results showed that the number of bacteria and viruses in sterile milk was zero.

Experts pointed out that the sterilization method developed by Hebei Shichuang Food Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., which does not use high-temperature heating, is a world-class advanced technology. It is the first time in our country's sterile milk production line and aseptic packaging machine, which is a major breakthrough in the field of sterile food production technology in China.

This achievement has filled a gap in China's aseptic packaging technology and has now applied for national patents.

The application of virus-level sterilization technology to aseptic milk production and aseptic packaging machines not only kills all bacteria in milk, but also benefits human health. It also greatly improves the quality of aseptic milk products and extends the length of sterile milk. Shelf life. Consumers reflected that the taste of new products was better and more pure.

It is understood that the current domestic production of sterile milk in the domestic market, the process is mostly followed by the instant high temperature sterilization - aseptic maintenance - aseptic packaging such a process. However, the aseptic milk produced can only meet the commercial-sterile standard, in which the virus in milk is not completely removed. Shichuang’s technicians discovered at a pharmaceutical packaging exhibition in the United States that the US pharmaceutical industry uses advanced technologies to enable the production and packaging of drugs to meet virus-level standards.

The analysis of the technicians of Hebei Shichuang Food Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. believes that developed countries such as the United States do not adopt traditional methods relying on high-temperature sterilization, but rather a more advanced sterilization technology. At the same time, Shichuang learned that the EU's newly formulated regulations for sterile foods require that sterile foods must meet virus-level standards. For this reason, Hebei Shichuang Food Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. felt that the introduction of virus-grade sterilization methods into the production of aseptic foods was not only due to the need for food safety, health and hygiene, but also competition and development in domestic and foreign markets. The general trend.

Since the beginning of 2005, engineers and technicians of Hebei Shichuang Food Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. have been through more than a year of research, and virus-level sterilization technology and devices have finally been successfully developed. The virus-level sterilizer they developed was successfully applied to aseptic milk production lines and new-generation aseptic packaging machines and received very good results. According to the product test report provided by the Health and Epidemic Prevention Station of Tangshan City, the number of bacteria and viruses in the sterile milk is zero. The application of the new sterilizing device has improved the quality of the aseptic milk and reached the standards of North America and the European Union. It has laid the foundation for improving the equipment technology level of the domestically-produced aseptic milk production enterprise and integrating it with the international market. (Qiu Jing) Chemical packaging may wish to pay attention to some

In chemical companies, there are a considerable number of products whose packaging is nothing more than the product name, product brand number, quality index, manufacturer, manufacturer's address, production date, etc., but almost no indication of the use of the product, authentication methods, instructions for use, etc. The description of the content is too simple. The author believes that this is a major drawback of chemical products, reducing the market competitiveness of products and the ability to prevent counterfeiting.

The packaging is the face of the product. As the chemical industry becomes more and more developed, there are more and more products of the same category, and the important factor attracting consumers to purchase is often the outer packaging of products. I remember that when a foreign fertilizer was very popular in rural areas, in addition to the inherent quality of the product, an important reason is that the outer packaging is stressful: Fertilizer runs out of packaging or even clothes. Today's petrochemical production technology is intensive and the process is complex. With the continuous expansion of product use, the downstream technology users of chemical products are increasingly pressing on the technical requirements for product processing. For this reason, the downstream companies will naturally want to obtain additional product descriptions of such value-added services, and if the upstream enterprises grasp this market information in a timely manner and provide corresponding services in a timely manner, product sales will inevitably increase.

Now many chemical companies worry that their products have been counterfeited and imitation, but most of the time they just complain that the market regulators are weak. They don't know that one important measure to prevent counterfeiting and imitation is to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of their own packaging. The anti-counterfeiting performance of today's product packaging is more and more important. In addition to the excellent product quality, many well-known brands have also made great efforts in the novel and unique packaging design to ensure that the product's vitality is enduring.

Therefore, the external packaging of chemical products must meet the needs of the current market. Under the circumstance that trade secrets are not involved, the external packaging of the products should be made more elaborate, and product profiles, application directions, and processing instructions should be provided to users. The development of the enterprise is beneficial. (Liu Gong)

Reprinted from: Chinese Packaging

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