Manufacturers in March promote high-precision constant temperature circulating bath domestically produced high quality water bath

厂家3月促销高精密恒温循环浴槽 国产高质量水浴槽

In order to give back to your company's support and love for our company for many years, Beijing Changliu Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is scheduled to start low-priced shopping activities on March 01, 2015. The activities are as follows:

1. During the event, purchase the HX series of YKKY's constant temperature circulating bath HX series products from Beijing Changliu Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. The promotion information is as follows: HX-105 Market price 6800 yuan / Taiwan promotional price 3999 yuan / Taiwan

2. The HX series products purchased during this activity belong to the qualified products produced by Beijing Changliu Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., with the warranty for one year and normal after-sales service. This event is only for customers in mainland China.

3. Participating in the activity of the HX series of constant temperature circulating baths purchased by the company. Due to the preferential price, the company stipulates that the payment method only accepts the full payment.

4. The final interpretation of this event belongs to Beijing Changliu Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

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