Method and frequency of using mask

But now there are so many masks on the market, you know which one is right for you, how to choose? How should the mask be used?

Method and frequency of using mask

Flaky mask: not used every day

The individually packaged flaky mask is a magic weapon for many people to quickly recharge the skin. Especially the brides who want to greet the important moments of life prefer to use the mask as a daily product to improve the quality of skin care every day. use.

But rationally, the flaky mask is definitely not recommended for daily use. The reason is very simple. One reason is that this highly nutritious skin care product must be protected by a strong antiseptic system, so long-term use is likely to cause skin irritation. In addition, long-term high-density masks can weaken the barrier function of the stratum corneum, causing skin lesions and skin sensitivity.

Method and frequency of using mask

Mud Mask: Don't rush to start follow-up maintenance steps after washing off

There are many adsorption components in the mud mask, which can temporarily separate the skin from the air, improve the skin temperature, help the dirt in the pores to be removed, and absorb the garbage and excess sebum in the pores.

The mud mask will become very dry after washing off, but don't rush to follow the maintenance steps, because the hidden sebum is not completely cleaned. If you apply moisturizer at this time, it will affect the mud mask. After using the effect, of course, if the skin feels very dry, you can use the hot spring spray without moisturizing ingredients to temporarily relieve it, and wait for 15 minutes before performing daily maintenance.

Method and frequency of using mask

Tear-off mask: Apply lotion before use

The tear-off mask is usually used for cleaning the dense areas of the acne, such as the T area and the chin. Before using the tear-off mask, it is best to use the lotion containing the sebum-soluble ingredients to make the skin base and help to soften the sebum. The tear-off mask is better to "grab" the angle plug and pull it out. In addition, when the mask is dry and need to be removed, it must be gently removed in the opposite direction of the pore growth to avoid involving the skin around the pores.

Method and frequency of using mask

Sleep mask: acne muscle is best to stay away

Sleep mask is usually suitable for dry skin or used in cold seasons, so the product will add a lot of sealing shrinkage ingredients, such as polymer gel, to protect the skin in a closed state and prevent water loss. . But for acne muscles, this moisturizing pathway will also block the normal secretion of sebum and affect the skin's metabolism, so it is best not to use the sleeping mask in the inflammation area to avoid the deterioration of acne. >>> Autumn whitening 7 strokes make you not difficult

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