Misalignment caused by a mechanical failure

The overprint of offset printing products mainly refers to the accuracy of overprinting on the printing surface and in the direction of size. Overprinting is not allowed to be caused by unstable paper feeding, deteriorating pre-registration, and poor side-line working conditions. Recently, due to a mechanical accident, my J2204A type machine has caused irregularity in size, direction, and direction, resulting in some products being scrapped and worthy of reference by peers in actual production.

When we printed batches of 660mm x 540mm and quantified 350g/m2 square footage, the machine suddenly issued an anomalous noise, so it stopped in an emergency. The local car slowly moved to listen to the noise and found the tip and impression of the swing arm. The intersection of the notched edges of the rollers, judged empirically, is due to the breakage of the inner bearings of the rollers on the connecting rods of the swing arms. When the new bearing was replaced, the abnormal sound of the machine disappeared. We thought that the fault had been eliminated, and we started the printing again. In the printing process, when looking at the rules of sample inspection, we found that when the machine speed increases, the changes in the rules all have varying degrees of disorder. After repeated adjustments to the front gauge, side gauge, and positioning hair wheel, little effect is achieved. . Because the printed paper was wavy, it was mistakenly thought to be a change in the rules caused by the paper, so the printing was continued without careful inspection until the color was inaccurate.

At this time, observe the orientation of the paper feed on the platen, and see that the predetermined position is accurate. Sideways sheets are pulled in place. There are no anomalies such as early arrival, late arrival or skewness. Stop the machine again and point the machine to the position where the oscillating tooth can take the paper on the platen. Carefully, the full row of tooth pads is 3mm away from the height of the iron plate. After the paper is lifted, the paper is gently pulled and the paper is removed. Down. The reason for this state formation is that when the oscillating-arm roller bearing is broken, the contact gap between the roller and the big protrusion wheel becomes smaller, causing the swing arm to be raised insufficiently, resulting in the entire elevation of the tooth pad after impacting the impression cylinder, and thus affecting Strictly closed teeth, lack of strength, so that the positioning of the paper on the platen in the platen swing teeth between an imprinting teeth to the semi-free state, the paper in the swing between teeth may have migration. With the increase of the printing speed, the amplitude of paper oscillations has increased. It is no wonder that the rules are not accurate at a print speed of 7,000 sheets/hour. After re-adjusting the height of the pad, the malfunction was completely eliminated.

Although this is an accidental accident, it is worthy of attention for offset printing personnel: When a certain part of the machine fails, especially if the parts involved in the timing of the entire system are damaged and replaced with new ones, do not discuss the parts on the parts, but must be comprehensive. Examine the relevant parts and eliminate complications, otherwise it would be regretful if it caused the printed products to be scrapped or cause machine accidents.

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