Move your hands before applying "hands and feet" to let your nude makeup match Han Xing

Many women are imitating Han Xing and then dressing up for themselves. First, understand the characteristics of Korean makeup , and then use scientific nude makeup techniques to create beautiful nude makeup like Han Xing. It takes only four steps to create a nude makeup like Han Xing.

Move your hands before applying "hands and feet" to let your nude makeup match Han Xing

Move your hands before applying "hands and feet" to let your nude makeup match Han Xing

Many MMs always complain that they are not good at makeup, and there will always be a situation where the toner is dull. Don't blame skin care products because of your skin problems, but skin problems can not be improved at once. Is there any good way? The following small series will share with you the secrets of Korean actress makeup, let you get rid of the troubles of toner powder floating powder.

First, the characteristics of Korean makeup

Looking at the Korean actress, it seems that everyone has one thing in common: every inch of skin is shiny and shiny. Do they really have baby skin that is not so old? Actually not, but they did a little "small hands and feet" before applying makeup.

Second, 3 big nude makeup tips

Tip 1: Emulsion polishing, to create a perfect proportion of 0.02mm horniness, good color from the inside out.

Tip 2: Partially brighten, let the skin shine evenly and deeply

What if I notice that the skin is still not polished after polishing? In fact, melanin lurking in the epidermis is the killer of skin transparency. At this time, the skin is strengthened and the stubborn melanin is metabolized, and the skin can be brighter.

Tip 3: The dark skin around the eyes should also shine, showing a sense of vitality

The blue-purple dullness of the eyes is always unrelentingly dragging the skin. Eye cream can be used to solve this problem. In addition to the anti-darkness and edema effect, the recent eye cream also emphasizes the repair + brightening effect, and strengthens the pressing with the acupuncture point to expand the range to the end of the eye to make the eyes brighter.

Third, the specific 4 steps to create Han Xing nude makeup stunt

1, makeup before the milk to modify the skin color

Whether it is dry skin or oily skin, the foundation before makeup can not be ignored. Green modified milk can modify the local redness of the skin, purple or blue modified milk can modify the yellowish skin color. Take a small amount of makeup before the milk to the direction of the pores, gently press the palm, so that the overall skin tone is even

Pearlescent modified milk, used in the T-shaped part, can make the face three-dimensional. It is recommended to use it locally. Do not use too much, otherwise it will be easy to present an unnatural makeup.

2, the sponge creates a smooth and translucent makeup

First spread the foundation with a foundation brush or fingers, then quickly wipe it on the skin with a sponge, then gently press the skin with a clean sponge on the other side to create a translucent base with a clean and tidy makeup. TIPS: use heat first The water sprays the sponge, so that the sponge can absorb both liquid and cream molecules, so that they are better fused together. The hotter the water soaking the sponge, the easier the foundation will be evenly applied.

3, repairing light makeup

Eyeliner brush is the best concealer. Take some concealer and lightly press it to make the concealer completely adhere to the dark circles or spots. Remember! A little concealer is good, so as to avoid uneven thickness of the makeup. Case.

4, honey powder brightening makeup is a must

Use a puff to take a small amount of honey powder, fold the puff to make the powder even, start the powder from the t-zone and the nose, and then gently puff the cheeks, forehead, and chin.

With the arrival of autumn, whether it is nude makeup or make-up is a good season for makeup, the above four steps on nude makeup, as long as you are skilled and master the details, what kind of makeup you want to use this fall will be very suitable for you. Therefore, mastering some skills before applying makeup can not be ignored for the entire makeup.

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