Optional low pressure test chamber for structural and appearance requirements

The low pressure test chamber is suitable for high and low temperature and low pressure tests on electricians, electronic products and other products, parts and materials. The requirements for the structure and appearance of the optional low pressure test chamber are as follows:

1. The inner wall of the test chamber shall be made of a material that is resistant to heat, is not easily oxidized and corroded, and has a certain mechanical strength.

2. The insulation material should be resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures and have flame retardant properties.

3. The thickness of the insulation layer should be such that the external surface temperature of the test chamber is not higher than 50 ° C. When the thickness of the insulation layer is operated at an ambient temperature of 15 ° C to 35 ° C and the relative humidity is less than 85%, there should be no obvious condensation.

4. Heating and cooling devices shall not directly radiate the sample.

5. The low pressure test chamber shall be provided with an observation window and a lighting device.

6. The test chamber auxiliary device and the material of the inner wall of the box should be avoided to pollute the air inside the box.

7. The sealing strip of the door should not be hardened under low temperature conditions to seal the performance.

8. The refrigeration system piping should be sealed and reliable, and must not leak, leak or leak oil.

9. The low pressure test chamber should have a test wiring device.

10, the appearance of the coating should be smooth and even, uniform color, no exposed, lifting, blistering or scratches.

11. There should be a sample holder for placing or hanging samples.


Gas Powered Airless Sprayers

gas airless sprayer is very powerful machine for professional contractors who spray a wide variety of coatings on residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. It is equipped with famous quality HONDA engine, Germany INA bearings, gears with level 5 grinding etc. It can finish spraying without space limit and voltage limit. Gas Airless Paint Sprayers supports to work with two guns.

Gas Airless Paint Spray Machine Advantage

1) Guaranteed Power Source

High quality HONDA engine provide guaranteed reliable power.

2) Smart Pressure Control system

Advanced microprocessor control delivers a consistent spray fan at all spraying pressure.

3) Easy Out Manifold Filter

Easy out manifold filter will reduce the tip clogs and ensure you nice finish. The pump filter

could be disassembled by hand easily.

4) Stainless Steel Rack.

Stainless steel rack with retroverted design for easily putting hose.

5) ProConnect System

ProConnect system makes pump replacement easy and fast

6) Pneumatic Tire

Equipped with pneumatic tire, machine could go anywhere.

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