Outlook and Thinking--About the Development of Packaging Printing in China (I)

Over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, China's packaging, decorating, and printing industry has developed rapidly. It has become the largest and most profitable industry in the entire printing industry; and it is flourishing in cities, rural areas, coastal areas, and inland areas. This is an opportunity given us by the great era, but it also includes challenges and potential crises. I have worked in this industry for 50 years and experienced the tremendous changes in the last 20 years. I have witnessed the successes and failures of many companies. To this end, at an important moment at the turn of the century, it is necessary to put forward issues related to the development of packaging and printing, and to initiate discussions with everyone to promote the healthy, effective, sustained, and stable development of the packaging and printing industry.
I. About Chaoyang Industry Everyone likens the packaging, decoration and printing industry to Chaoyang Industry, thinking that it is a never-fading industry. This metaphor is correct because any product needs packaging. As long as there is material, exchange, and consumption in society, there will be packaging. On the other hand, there must be printing on the packaging in order to reflect the characteristics of the product and promote purchase. In our society where the market economy is gradually becoming prosperous, the role played by packaging and printing is even more contributing. Smart manufacturers and astute consumers will first of all focus their attention on packaging, and their demands will become higher and higher, which will promote continuous renovation and continuous development of packaging and printing. At present, many cities in China regard packaging printing as an important urban-type industry, and some small and medium-sized towns use packaging printing as a pillar industry to promote their growth.
However, the sun will rise and fall as the earth turns, and the rising sun will become a setting sun. We must avoid doing everything from packaging and printing to making money. We must meet the needs of the time, the unpredictable market environment, and consumer needs. We must grasp the scale of development. In a remote province, dozens of the world’s most advanced gravure waters were suddenly taken in; a county with inconvenient transportation costing more than 100 million yuan to introduce the most modern set of printing equipment and building the most beautiful factory, the results did not reach expectations. Effect. Such lessons have been enough. We must not blindly seek development, let alone repeat construction at a low level. To provide a development model for Wenzhou, Zhejiang, first a small-scale workshop-style economy, first print the simple packaging that the market needs to send, and then rely on their own accumulation of large. Nowadays in Wenzhou, modern printing companies abound. Their scale is no less than that of state-owned enterprises with decades of history, and their quality and efficiency can all be improved. This is the rising sun.
Second, on the printing of advertising materials China issued in 1997, "Printing Industry Management Ordinance," provides that the printing of advertising materials belongs to the packaging and decoration printing management. However, the packaging and printing industry in China is still concerned about this issue. In addition to product samples and manuals that are commonly used, advertisements and promotional materials have more potential for the development of printed products. In foreign countries, advertising products are the most beautiful landscapes in shopping malls, and are the best helpers for product manufacturers to sell outside. China now has many advertising products of all kinds, but it lacks standardized management and is not yet active enough. Our printing methods are not yet able to adapt to the needs of the hypermarkets and the weekly changes in the contents of posters, and we cannot meet the needs of the new and often-changing advertisements. Therefore, there is still great potential for the development of advertising products. Hope in the coming years. With the prosperous development of the market economy, packaging and printing can be more adapted to the needs of production and sales companies, more in line with the aesthetic views of the majority of customers, do a good job of printing advertising articles, so that packaging and decorating printing to achieve greater development.
Third, on the accession to the WTO
In the near future, China will join the WTO. For the packaging and printing industry, of course, opportunities and challenges coexist, but more should be opportunities, accession to the WTO is a good opportunity to promote the development of enterprises.
Packing and decorating The amount of printing a processing-type subsidiary industry, it has almost no own product, but for all products on the market to produce packaging. Therefore, after China's accession to the WTO, foreign packaging companies would not be able to package products in foreign countries and then transport them to the Chinese market to package their products, because the cost of transportation alone would exceed its production profits. Their foreign-funded enterprises in China are also reluctant to order packaging abroad (because that would increase costs), and they want to look for packaging suppliers in China. Therefore, the more active domestic and foreign trade, the more open China's international market, China's packaging companies will inevitably thrive. The key now is whether our packaging design, materials and printing quality can meet the needs of the international market, especially whether technology and quality can truly reach the international first-class level. This is the focus we should focus on.
On the other hand, with the gradual reduction of China's tariffs after China's accession to the WTO, equipment and materials needed for printing will flow in a greater amount, which will help reduce costs. Because the equipment and paper, ink and other materials that are dependent on high-end printing products in China are almost entirely imported, the major equipment in modern printing companies are all foreign-made. If the import price of these equipment is reduced, it will accelerate the pace of technological transformation and equipment upgrading in China and promote the improvement of printing technology and technology.
Of course, we also hope that the domestic manufacturers of printing machinery and materials, and hope that they can also use the opportunity to join the WTO, accelerate the development of new equipment in line with international standards, as soon as possible to catch up with the international advanced level. By then, the level of technical equipment for packaging and printing companies will generally increase, and everyone can promote each other and advance together.
Fourth, on the printing equipment and technology to improve China's packaging and printing industry, the state of technology and equipment, can be described as high school and low, both large, medium and small. From the world's most advanced printing presses to manual machinery that still remains in the 20s and 1930s, all of them are used; and the majority of the laggards are occupied by middle and low-end products. How to change this situation as soon as possible? The state must have a unified planning goal and all localities must have specific implementation measures. We must not rely on simple administrative orders to force small-scale backward companies to close their doors; instead, we must guide enterprises to rely on their own development to win the fittest in market competition. We have such a vast territory, and our economic environment is very different. We must not resort to stereotyped "squeezing and rectification." We must let all localities cultivate new forces in their own soil. The rapid rise of the printing industry in the backward regions of Guangdong and Hebei Xiong County is the best proof.
Printing is divided into three major processes: prepress, printing and postpress. Prepress technology has entered the electronic era in the world and printing is basically a high-speed, multi-colored modern device. China has also introduced a lot of prepress and printing equipment and technology. In some developed large and medium-sized cities, advanced equipment accounts for more than half. In contrast, our post-press process is still relatively backward, and manual and stand-alone operations also account for a large proportion.
The key here is the relationship between popularization and improvement. For countries like ours, because of the great disparity in economic conditions, the demand for packaging must also be high, medium, and low. This is the reason why many small enterprises with backward technologies survive. On the one hand, we should catch up with the international advanced level, and we must have some backbone enterprises with strong strength and first-rate hardware to produce packaging products that meet international standards. On the other hand, we must focus on narrowing down and improve the technological level of backward companies as soon as possible. . People are always looking forward to beautiful, beautiful packaging must be better than simple packaging, backward companies are also eager to change the face of technological backwardness as soon as possible. To this end, efforts should be made to promote the popularization and promotion of new technologies, and to care for and support the technological transformation of backward companies. The icing on the cake should allow powerful companies to go their own way, and sending charity in the snow depends on the support of the government and society. Only when the level of packaging and printing in the whole society has increased, can we really have a situation in which packaging and printing flourish.
V. About flexographic printing Flexographic printing is a hot topic in the printing industry in recent years. This article does not want to express opinions on technical and technological issues. It mainly talks about the promotion and recognition of flexo printing.
Flexo printing can use alcohol-soluble inks and water-based inks, so the greatest benefit of flexo printing should be the contribution to environmental protection, especially in the field of pharmaceuticals and food packaging printing. From the perspective of benefiting people's health, flexographic printing should be promoted. In the past, over-propagating the characteristics of low cost, high speed, and good economic performance did not cause a big blowback. The key is that its print quality is not satisfactory. Enterprises that can really print high-quality flexographic products are currently in China. less.
In the past two years, due to the preferential tax exemption policy adopted by China for the import of flexo printing equipment, it has once again set off a limelight, but the progress is still not fast, and the key is still quality. Therefore, we should make great efforts to cultivate typical models from flexographic plate making, printing, substrates, and equipment, and take samples to gradually apply them.
According to the Chinese people's aesthetic point of view and traditional awareness, in the development of flexographic printing in China, we should first focus on the post-printing of corrugated boxes. The traditional carton printing process is backward, the use of flexo printing does not need to spend a lot of money to re-add the printing press, most of the existing equipment can be transformed; and the printing quality is better than in the past. If you have the ability to switch to a three-color, four-color carton printing co-driver, you can also print color images on corrugated cardboard to increase the overall carton packing by one grade. The amount of cartons used in China is very large, and the use of flexo printing equipment to promote cartons in only a few large cities, should be popularized as soon as possible to most of the carton factory, so that the country's carton printing to a new level. (To be continued)

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