Patent name: Aluminum foil static elimination device on hot stamping machine

Patent name: Aluminum foil static elimination device on a Hot Stamping Machine Patent No. 4 Publication No.: 2644158
Application Date: 2003.09.09 Public Day: 2004.09.29
Applicant: Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. This utility model relates to a static elimination device for aluminum foil on a hot stamping machine. An aluminum foil electrostatic elimination device for a stamping machine includes a metal hose connected to a sprayer and a nozzle metal hose fixedly installed at the bottom of two intersecting brush rollers. The aluminum foil that passes between the brush rollers. The number of metal hoses is m; the water mist sprayed by the nozzles of the metal hose is an adjustable proportion of air-water mixture. Since the brush roller and the aluminum foil are in a relatively humid environment, thousands of friction between the aluminum foil and the brush roller is eliminated, thereby achieving the purpose of eliminating static electricity. Since the water mist produced is a gas-water mixture, the use of a relatively low-cost and relatively humid environment reduces the generation of dust, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

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This machine is exquisitely designed and altered on the basis of absorbing and digesting the foreign equipments. The transmission are mainly mechanical, Operation is simple, It adopts the imported digital display frequency conversion governor and the has the features of steady and reliable operation, firm sealing, neat and beautiful,etc. It has the functions of automatically feed,fold,seal side,capend,shape up and down, count and stick to anti-forging bracing wire and soon for the single box. Just changing a few molds can pack the products in box of different specifications(size,height,width).


The machine is widely applied to various big box single transparent film 3D automatic packages or packed with several small boxes in stationery, health products ,foods,durgs,cosmetic etc, such as poker in box, condom in box, yang strengthening tablet in box, cracker in box,cefradine capsules in box, hair dye in box, cigarette in box, perfume in box. Only perfect package design can win the favor from custimers,also trend for competition among enterprises.Lnvesting one more cent of packing fee in a good product, you can improve 5-10 percentage of sales volume. It also becomes the first choice for enterprises with insufficient human resources.

Packing Materials:

Double-faced heat sealing BOPP,PVC AND PVDC films. Various pressure-sensitive adhesive affix bracing wire.

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