Plastic ink formulation series - Metal color ink

Metal color ink

Gold Ink <br>Formula 1 (Toppan)
Component dosage/g component dosage/g
Gold powder amount ionone 5-6
Cyclohexanone 1.0 Thinner 10

Preparation of the first use of a small amount of cyclohexanone to wet the gold powder, and then used after the distribution of the three groups of gold oil can be adjusted.
Explain that the gold powder is copper-based copper, tin, zinc alloy powder. Also known as copper gold powder, it is a smooth scaly shape with a diameter of 50 to 100 μm, an average hiding power of 10 g/m2, and a light reflection power of 75% to 100%.
Recipe 2 (gravure)
Component ω/% component ω/%
Powdered amount of isopropyl alcohol 27
Xylene 28 Polyamide Resin 45

Preparation of gold powder with xylene, isopropyl alcohol and polyamide resin mixed solution mix and serve.
Recipe 3 (gravure)
Component dosage / ml component dosage / ml
Powdered amount of butyl acetate 6
Nitrile rubber 30g acetone 6
Cyclohexanone 210 xylene 8
Butyl acetate 4

Preparation of nitrile rubber with cyclohexanone dissolved, and the other ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, acetone, xylene mixed with the use of two solutions mixed with gold powder.

Copper ink <br> Formula component omega/% component o/%
3L3 Copper Powder 25.0KR55 Titanate Coupling Agent 0.5
Xylene resin/phenolic resin 20.0 toluene 30.0
Butanol 24.5

Silver ink formula component ω/% component ω/%
Silver powder 50DBP10
Phenolic resin 10 Cobalt naphthalate Appropriate amount of terpineol 30

Preparation of the first silver powder with stearic acid and toluene into a slurry, and then dissolve the resin with other components, and finally the two were mixed to prepare ink, cobalt naphthalate was added as a drying oil, stir and serve.
Description This product is used for plastic film relief printing.

Source: 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network

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