Plastic medicine bottle recycling channels need to be established

In the packaging of medical bottles, there are also glass and plastic. From the perspective of market applications, glass medical bottles are left in the hands of professional medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics. These used glass medicine bottles can all be treated very well, and can also be better controlled for environmental pollution.

However, a large number of plastic medicine bottles remain in the hands of consumers. As plastic medicine bottle packaging dominates the market, many health products and pharmaceutical products are packaged in plastic medicine bottles. At present, in the recycling field, plastic medicine bottles do not have an unobstructed recycling channel and plastic medicine bottles are different from other ordinary plastic bottles. Some plastic medicine bottles actually require professional treatment, or they may flow out of the room and cause harm to the environment and the human body. On the one hand, ordinary consumers do not have the knowledge to deal with this, and on the other hand, they lack the basic conditions for handling such medicine bottles. In this regard, we still hope that pharmaceutical manufacturers take up their due social responsibilities, establish reasonable recycling channels, and deal with recycled plastic medicine bottles in a reasonable manner. Only in this way can the pharmaceutical packaging industry play a good role in promoting.

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