Proper use of Teflon laminator high temperature fabric reduces production costs

1. Before cutting Teflon high-temperature cloth to the upper machine, please try to keep the high-temperature cloth flat and without wrinkles, otherwise it will cause creases on the laminated surface and affect the service life!

2. In use, if EVA adhesive or other residue adheres to the surface of the anti-sticking cloth, wipe it off with a semi-moist cotton cloth.

3. The color of laminated high-temperature cloths of different batches may be different. This is a normal phenomenon, but it will not affect the product quality, and it will not affect the use!

The correct Teflon laminator high temperature cloth is used

At least 4 laminated cloths on a laminator.

After each use, do not reuse it immediately. Instead, remove the EVA from the Teflon cloth after it has completely cooled down. This will keep the laminate cloth in its original color.

If the EVA on the laminate cannot be completely removed, these EVAs will adhere to the glass of the cell assembly when they are used again.

Any cleaning of the EVA at this time will leave EVA particles on the glass.

When the panels are used outdoors, these EVA particles will re-melt and stick to the glass.

And adsorb dust on the glass.

Some dust cannot be removed.

Sometimes dust will block the cell and it will create a long-term hot spot effect.

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