Redwood water deep rubber grinding into a new means of fake mahogany furniture

The investment value of mahogany furniture with inaccurate materials and poor workmanship will be greatly reduced. Now, there is a new way of making fakes in the mahogany market - rubber grinding, which makes people feel that it is difficult to distinguish between authenticity and authenticity.

More and more consumers are now buying redwood furniture as an investment. Although there are not many consumers who really want to buy mahogany furniture for the price, many people are concerned that the mahogany furniture has the potential for appreciation, and “buy it will not lose” and buy it. However, the fake and inferior mahogany furniture not only greatly reduces the investment price, but also shortens the service life of the furniture and causes losses to consumers.

In recent years, the price of mahogany furniture has been rising almost every year. In order to pursue greater profits, some merchants have started to work on the materials and structure of mahogany furniture, resulting in a large number of inferior furniture entering the market, and many consumers are discouraged from mahogany furniture. Mr. Wang is a veteran redwood fan. He told reporters that although he has been playing "Redwood" for more than ten years, he can't guarantee that he won't "eye". If a friend asks himself to help choose furniture, he is also very cautious. Because the “water is too deep” in the mahogany industry, it is easy to be “fudged” if you are not careful.

Redwood furniture fraud


False materials, spikes are still common

The high price of mahogany furniture is largely determined by its precious materials. The raw materials of redwood, such as red sandalwood, huanghuali, and red rosewood, have risen in price in recent years. Some mahogany merchants have used the raw materials to reduce the production cost.

The most common is to use a material similar in color and pattern to pretend to be a real mahogany. Fu Junmin, general manager of Xuanming's classical furniture, told reporters that some merchants will not use fake materials completely to reduce risks, but will incorporate fake materials into the real materials, making people "true and difficult to distinguish."

In the case of red sandalwood, the real rosewood on the market is very rare. The “Kotan” from Côte d'Ivoire is close to the red sandalwood in color and pattern, so it is blended into the rosewood by some merchants to make the final expensive rosewood furniture. .

Red rosewood has become the "new darling" of the mahogany market in recent years, and its spike phenomenon is also very serious. Southeast Asia's "flower branches", Panama and Mexico's "dimple Dalbergia" are close to red rosewood in material density, texture and oiliness, and are incorporated into real red rosewood raw materials.


"Grinding" furniture is difficult to distinguish

Different from the material identifiable, the falsification of the merchant's mahogany production process is almost impossible for consumers to identify. Experts say that the fraud in the process is more deceptive. For example, the colored furniture that was previously exposed by the media is to color the mahogany furniture to cover up the flaws of the furniture itself, and to make the furniture look attractive. Consumers want to see the real material unless the paint film is worn away.

Now, in the production of mahogany, there is a more insidious way of fraud - rubber grinding. Experts told reporters that rubber furniture is not waxed or painted, and it is almost the same as "white enamel" furniture. Nowadays, in order to check the authenticity of materials, many consumers often ask the merchant not to carry out any treatment on the surface of the furniture. Waxing or lacquering, but with the technique of grinding, the "white enamel" furniture is not insured.

The method of using the rubber grinding is to cover up the problem of using white skin, patching and drying. The whole process of rubber grinding is very simple. It is glued when grinding, and then polished hard. It is repeated two or three times to let the glue penetrate into the furniture. In order to cover the white skin or the compound, it will be colored before the rubber grinding. .

The rubberized furniture can be almost fake in the appearance, and some mahogany furniture even has a "pasting" luster. In fact, the rubber grinding is extremely damaging to the furniture. Since the glue contains a large amount of formaldehyde and benzene, these harmful substances penetrate into the wood and cannot be volatilized within a few years, which is extremely harmful to the human body.

After the glue blocks the pores of the furniture, the moisture in the furniture cannot be volatilized. Even if the material is not dried, the furniture will not crack in the years before use. However, the stability of the furniture will be greatly affected and the time will not be affected. repair. At the same time, mahogany furniture with blocked pores cannot produce a pulp.

Structure: 榫卯 structure cut corner

The enamel structure allows mahogany furniture to be firmly combined without a nail and a rivet, but now some merchants cut corners on the raft structure in order to reduce labor and material use costs, even using glue and nails to connect, once the furniture has problems It can't be repaired at all, so that the high-priced purchase of mahogany furniture becomes a pile of waste.

An industry insider who asked not to be named told reporters that cutting corners on construction can at least reduce raw material and time costs by half. For example, rivets are used instead of 榫卯 joints. There are no “shoulders” for shoulders and shoulders. The original support frame of four or five millimeters is only two millimeters. These methods of cutting corners will directly affect the service life of the furniture, and this kind of furniture does not have the investment value that people want.

The most worrying thing is that because of the “deep burial” inside the furniture, the structural problems can't be seen by the consumers, and the merchants will not be dismantled for the consumers to check, even if they understand all kinds of related knowledge of the structure, It is also difficult to recognize whether the business is fraudulent in this regard.

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