Reflective Raincoat-Security Raincoat-Traffic Raincoat-Army Raincoat-Military Raincoat-Police Raincoat

  • Style: Police Duty Traffic Raincoat with Reflective Tape
  • Size: 55-61cm Radius
  • Disposable: Non-Disposable
  • Reflective Strip: With Reflective Strip
  • Application: Military Use
  • Military Export Liscence: Yes
  • Stock: No
  • Trademark: HENGTAIBOYU
  • Origin: China
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Usage: For Riding, For Walking, Military and Police Wear
  • Raincoat Capacity: Single
  • Material: Polyester or Oxford or Nylon
  • Certification: as Required
  • Main Market: Africa,Middle East Army and Police
  • OEM: Yes
  • Specification: 20sets/carton
Equipped with professional Police Raincoat factory, HENGTAIBOYU is one of the leading China Army Raincoat,Police Raincoat,Military Raincoat,Camouflage Raincoat,Poncho,Military Rainwear,Traffic Raincoat,Duty Raincoat,Reflective Raincoat,Security Raincoat manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap products from us.

HengtaiBoyu offers Endurable, Soft, Comfortable Police Raincoat.Our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier, we devoted ourselves to Military Raincoat  many years, we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.
Item Traffic Security Duty Police Raincoat with reflective tape
Material Nylon,Oxford or polyester,like 170T,190T,210T,with PVC,PU coating, Or as per requirement
Color Colors as per buyers
Seam Tape seamed inside to prevent leak
Style Jacket style Police Raincoat
MOQ 2000
Trade Terms FOB,CFR,CIF...DDP or as required
Terms of payment T/T

Reflective Raincoat-Security Raincoat-Traffic Raincoat-Army Raincoat-Military Raincoat-Police Raincoat

Reflective Raincoat-Security Raincoat-Traffic Raincoat-Army Raincoat-Military Raincoat-Police Raincoat
Reflective Raincoat-Security Raincoat-Traffic Raincoat-Army Raincoat-Military Raincoat-Police Raincoat
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Roller Sublimation Transfer Machine

Sublimation transfer principle

The ink will become gas under the action of high temperature , goes into the fabric fiber, and curing on the material at room temperature. This printing process is more suitable for white polyester fabric. Of course, you can also do shadow effect in the deep color  fabric.


Sublimation transfer process


Sublimation transfer feature

1. High color fastness

2. bright colors

3. The texture is obvious

4. Technology is mature

Sublimation transfer application

Sublimation transfer machine is used for sportswear, bags, non-woven fabrics, clothing and so on. In addition to the fabric, it can also be transferred to ceramics(such as cups, plates, tiles), wood, chemical fiber, glass and metal products(surface need to be coated with acrylic drying paint). Its main feature is the transfer image colorful, rich layers, the effect can be comparable with the printing. And it`s different from printing, the dye in the transfer ink is sublimated after heating, is into the molecular structure of the object, form a bright colored image after the condensate. The image will not fall off, crack and fade, so sublimation transfer products is more durable.

Our sublimation transfer machine

we provide various Roller  sublimation Heat Transfer Machine  for Garment, cloth, Fabric. suitable for ribbon, webbing , roll-cloth, cutting sheets decoration .

This kind machine was newly researched and developed in 2010, improved from the original model of "down delivery " to "the up delivery". Therefore, it is more convenient to transfer print on the clothing and pieces with more accurate location using the pneumatic pressing or hydraulic pressing for woolen blanket make the color of the products darker and brighter, which greatly speed up the transfer printing.

We mainly has two kinds sublimation machine, one is Ribbon Transfer Machine, another one is cloth transfer machine.

1.Ribbon transfer machine

2.Cloth transfer machine

Our roller sublimation transfer machine features:

  1. Lathing inner circle and circle contains grinding by precising grinding machine, ensure the thickness of the roll consistent, difference of the temperature is ±1℃. Double layers roller, more stable temperature inside the roller to ensure consistent temperature of each point, transfer effect without color difference.
  2. The stainless steel heat pipe, imported from Taiwan, is all soaked in conduction oil, heats faster and save 15% energy.
  3. Blanket is made by Dupont materials from USA, transfer effect is better and life is longer.
  4. Adopting automatic adjusting device prevents blanket to deviate while working.
  5. Pneumatic compression device can  regulate the pressure according to different materials, transfer speed is faster and color is more vivid.
  6. Inflatable shaft ensures putting cloth and paper with no excursion, rolling tightly and many, labor saving and raising overall sufficiency.
  7. Using synchronous rod and pressure balance bar make blanket breakaway, ensure pressure between blanket and roller consistent at each point, and solve the problem of blanket cooling when shut down or out of power, protect blanket and make its life longer.
  8. High hardware configurations, line cutting the main wall and shaft, error is controlled in less than 0.02 mm. Blanket will not go astray.
  9. Independent fuel tank makes adding conduction oil convenient. Having the advantage of anti-explosion and high safety.
  10. Frequency converter can freely adjust the printing speed, the transfer speed is more stable.
  11. You can set idle time according to your need to save time.

Fabric printing machine

Roller Sublimation Transfer Machine,Ribbon Transfer Machine,Cloth Heat Transfer Machine,Zipper Heat Transfer Machine

KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited ,

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