Relaxing massage to eliminate panda eye confusion

More and more people are confused by dark circles. Are you the same? I want to know how dark circles are formed. How should I remove dark circles? Although some eye makeup techniques can help you cover them, they cannot be eradicated. Today, Xiaobian teaches you a few eye massage methods, so that you can easily eliminate dark circles.

How to remove dark circles, eye massage recommended

How to remove dark circles eye massage recommended

How to remove dark circles massage 1

Step1: First press the ring finger to the position of the eye, and gently massage the lower eyelid with the fingertip.

Step2: Massage the temple position with gentle force, then press the temple back to the eye position. Repeat 5-10 times.

Step3: Then put your thumb in the eye position.

Step4: Press the lower corner of the eye with the thumb, and finally move outward to the sides of the temple as a circle, repeat the massage 5-10 times.

How to remove dark circles massage 2

Step1, take a little eye cream with the middle finger and the ring finger, and then use the corner of the eye as the starting point to draw a circle from the middle to the outside. Note that the skin at the eyelids is very thin and prone to wrinkles, so it is critical to gently massage in one direction.

Step2, hold the temple with the middle finger and the ring finger, and then use the force to draw a circle to massage. Firmly massage the temples to help quickly remove the waking gas and restore the clear and bright eyes. For people who use their eyes regularly, fatigue can be effectively removed.

Step3, chin down, put the middle finger and the finger of the ring finger under the brow bone, and then pull the eyelid up.

Step4, close your eyes, hold your eyes with four fingers other than your thumb, and then press the eyeball in a wave. If you rub your eyes with a moderate force, you can quickly relieve the fatigue of your eyes. Of course, it is normal for the eyeball to feel a little bit sore.

How to remove dark circles massage 3

Step1: When you are at home skin care, you can massage for dark circles. Use a beauty serum containing vitamins C and E to gently pat the skin. This not only diminishes dark circles, but also prevents and eliminates dull skin.

Step2: The skin around the eyes is softer, so use the fingertips to carefully fit the depressions of the eyeballs and gently press them from the inside to the outside. Massage in the same way under the eyeball. Promotes the penetration of the essence into the skin, effectively fighting off dark circles.

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