Resolution and Precision Comparison of Three Common Printing Methods

Screen printing is another name for "screen printing." The name of screen printing, which has been used for more than 30 years, called for the resurrection of screen printing. For the first time, what is the necessity of it?

Screen printing is the mainstream of stencil printing. Screen printing began during the First World War. It came from the English silk screen process printing, and was translated into a screen from the silk screen.

Because of its easy production method, simple printing equipment and good copying effect, the printed matter printed is very popular among the people. Since the 1970s, it has become a new army in the printing industry in China and has developed rapidly. The English name currently used is screen proces printing, or simply screen printing.

Screen printing - because of its large mesh, it can only print about 100 lines, and the quality will decrease when fine.

Intaglio Printing. Printing using a letterpress (a partially raised printing plate). Abbreviation stamp. It is one of the major printing processes. The longest history, continuous improvement in the long-term development process. Engraving and Printing China's Tang Dynasty invented the technique of engraving printing in the early years of the Tang Dynasty. It carved the text or images on the wooden board, excluding the graphic texts that made the texts prominence, and then inked and brushed. This was the most original method of embossing. The earliest dated printed material of the present is the "Vajra Prajnaparamita Sutra", which is already quite mature in the printing of engravings.

Relief printing - resin letterpress, the quality of the lines, text, patterns can be very good, but the mesh screen printing can only reach 150 lines / inch, it depends on the printing products. If you choose to use letterpress printing on PET materials, you must carefully select the ink in order to obtain the best results.

Gravure printing is the art of engraving an image from the surface. In general, copper or zinc plates are used as the engraved surface, recessed parts may be etched, engraved, copper plated, or mezzotint metal plate making. Collographs may be printed in gravure plates. To print a gravure plate, cover the surface with ink, and then wipe the ink off the surface with Taletan cloth or newspaper, leaving only the concave part. The wet paper is overlaid on the top of the plate, and the plate and paper are pressed by the printer to transfer the ink from the depressed portion of the plate onto the paper.

Intaglio printing - photo dot gravure, the number of mesh can reach 175 lines / inch, but the quality of the printed lines, text, patterns can not be as good as the letterpress

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