Sakura gas stove SCG-6661G strong firepower is more durable

This Sakura SCG-6661G gas stove is made of pure black tempered glass panel material, using pulse electronic ignition as the ignition method, according to the principle of down air intake, to ensure that the firepower is ignited smoothly and quickly to reach the standard cooking temperature. No matter from the aspect of firepower or the maintenance and cleaning in the later period, it is much more convenient.

【Product parameters】

Body size: 720 * 400 * 148 (length * width * height mm)

Use gas: liquefied gas / natural gas

Gas pressure (KPa): 2.8 / 2.0

Heat load (KW): 3.8 * 2

Ignition mode: Electronic continuous pulse

Hole size: 674 * 358-R45 (length * width mm R angle)


Sakura SCG-6661G gas stove

This Sakura SCG-6661G gas stove perfectly meets any needs of Chinese cooking in terms of firepower, and its thermal efficiency has reached more than 59% (international 50%). It is efficient and energy-saving. It solves the gas cost and makes your gas expenditure more cost-effective. And in terms of firepower, it has reached 4.2kw, which meets the Chinese cooking needs.


Sakura SCG-6661G gas stove

Sakura SCG-6661G gas stove: the perfect combination of wisdom and quality

In terms of design principles and embodiment, this Sakura SCG-6661G gas stove is also quite intimate. The design of the downdraft allows the flame to rise quickly.


In general, the burner of gas stove is under long-term high-temperature use, and the thermal conductivity will gradually decrease with the use of time. This cherry burner SCG-6661G burner uses domino all-steel burner for extremely high thermal efficiency.


Sakura SCG-6661G gas stove: the secret of the stove frame and the cool panel

The material of the furnace frame is also quite elegant. The matt enamel-treated furnace frame is used to effectively prevent oxidation and corrosion. At the same time, it is not easy to slide and shift during use.


The black stovetop panel is made of stylish black tempered glass material, which is more convenient to clean and wipe, and does not leave any traces after wiping, so that your stovetop is brand new every day.

The ignition switch on the panel adopts a rotary metal texture knob, which allows you to control the large and small fire between rotations during cooking.



Summary: This Sakura gas stove SCG-6661G is also quite thoughtful in terms of safety. When the gas stove is turned off, it will automatically perform flameout protection to prevent gas leakage and ensure safe use. In addition, for children at home For the family, the protection of the children is also very necessary. This Sakura SCG-6661G gas stove is specially equipped with a child lock function to prevent the hidden dangers caused by children's misuse.

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