South Korea's 48-year-old muscle aunt bursts red effect to kill Zheng Duoyan

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Zheng Duoyan’s weight loss video has been followed by many studies. She has already become a red person in the Korean network. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other media have also come to interview her. Even two years later, even the Korean high school textbook introduced Zheng Duoyan who has "healthy physical beauty."

However, a "48 -year-old aunt show muscle " in South Korea recently burst into red. It is reported that she never reveals her true feelings on the Internet and maintains mystery. She had previously lamented that there was no young man's vitality, so she made up her mind to exercise and fitness. After half a year of hard work, she finally achieved her ideal fitness results.

Such amazing results have attracted many netizens to worship, and some netizens said that this effect has killed Zheng Duoyan.

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