Spanthera 106-LER Die Cutting Machine

BOBST announced that it will soon launch the long-awaited Spanthera 106-LER automatic separation die-cutting machine (the publication of the Spanthera 106 LER has been officially launched). The new Spanthera 106-LER die-cutting machine is designed to focus on the needs of the carton makers for the complete separation of medium to high volume carton blanks. It will soon be available in the United States and Switzerland.

PTFE Coated Glass Fabric is made of PTFE Coated Glassfiber Fabrics, which can resist high temperature up to 360 degrees.Due to different PTFE content, Jiangsu Youngsun New Materials offer different series of products, such as Prmium, Industrial and Standard categories. Each series products have its benefits against others, can work well in certain applications.

PTFE Coated Glass Fabric

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