Stadium Stand Construction Project

I. Project Overview

The horizontal projection area of ​​the stadium stands is about 28,000 square meters, divided into upper and lower floors and the middle mezzanine. The total number of seats for the entire auditorium is approximately 60,000. Among them, 130 seats for barrier-free seats and guard seats are fully cast-in-place reinforced concrete slab steps. The step width is generally 800 or 850 (accessible seats are 1200mm), and the height is 275- 530mm, the stands set up 80 safe evacuation exits, and the staff were set up and down in radial direction. The floor plan is as follows:


The stands of this project are made according to the requirements of the outdoor stands. In order to guarantee the quality of the stands, we will not be able to shell, crack, infiltrate, wear, sand, size, surface and appearance. We have specially formulated this construction plan based on repeated discussions and actual sample tests.

Second, the construction method


Third, the material

1. Cement

1 The use of 42.5 grade ordinary portland cement shall not use R-type cement and high-alumina cement; the content of clinker in ordinary cement shall not be less than 80%, and the content of slag in cement shall be no less than 10% to 15%.

2 The conventional performance meets the requirements of "General Purpose Portland Cement" (GB175-2007).

3 The alkali content (equivalent Na2O) is not more than 0.60%. If non-active sand is used, the alkali content (equivalent Na2O) is not more than 0.75%.

4 The quality of cement is required to be stable, and the stability of the concrete during the production process is regularly checked.

5 Control the use temperature of cement below 80°C.

6 The same manufacturer, the same model, and the type of cement should be used in the same unit project.

2. Sand

1Use river sand (medium sand), do not use mountain sand or other sand species.

2 Mud content must be strictly controlled: the mud content must not exceed 2%, and the mud mass content should not exceed 0.5%.

3 must strictly control the fineness modulus: Fine stone sand fineness modulus control in the 2.5 ~ 2.7; paint sand must be sieved, fineness modulus control in 2.3 ~ 2.5.

4 other indicators · "Building sand" (GB/T14684-2001) requirements.

5 The supply requirements are relatively stable, and the mud content, fineness modulus and alkali activity are often checked during the production process.

3, stone

1 non-alkaline activity.

23 ~ 10mm continuous grading.

3 The shape of stone is good, and the content of needle flakes is less than 12%.

4 The mud content shall not exceed 0.5%, and the mud block content shall not exceed 0.3%.

5 other indicators to meet the "construction cobbles, gravel" (GB/T14685-2001) requirements.

6 In the production process, the grading, the content of the needle-shaped sheet, and the content of the clay should be frequently checked.

4, JX-I type (mortar only) and JX-II type (early special) cracking siliceous waterproofing agent

Silicone water repellent is made of active ultra-fine mercerized boiling powder as the main raw material, modified under high temperature conditions, and made of a series of high-efficiency powdery water repellent agent, with dense, compensated shrinkage, hydrophobicity, bleed air, and minus. Water, improve concrete strength and other properties. It can suppress or reduce the porosity, change the pore characteristics, increase the compactness between the interfaces of various raw materials, and compensate the shrinkage of cement products to improve the crack resistance, impermeability and durability of cement products.

Avoid sunlight and rain during transportation and prevent damage to the package. Stored in a dry, ventilated, shaded warehouse, pay attention to moisture, stacking height of not more than 2.5 meters is appropriate. Shelf life is 24 months. Dosages in mortars and mortars are detailed in the product description.

5, wire mesh

The steel mesh size used in the concrete of the countertop floor is 50mm×50mm×1.2mm, and the specification of the wire mesh used in the stand-up surface mortar is 10mm×10mm×1mm

6. Separator

The color of the divider is black and the dimensions are as follows:


7, polyurea elastic waterproof coating

Polyurea elastic waterproof coating is a coating system composed of amine-terminated polyether resin, amine chain extender and MDI prepolymer. It is a spray-type, fast-curing polyurea type, dense and flexible coating, elastic and high strength. Excellent seismic performance.

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