Synthesis of biodegradable plastics from lactic acid in France

Bernard Ollivier, director of the Environment Microbiology Research Unit at the Development Institute in Marseille, France, explained: “The process developed by Yannick Combet-Blanc was the first step. The disaccharide or glucose and fructose in the sugar beet are turned into lactic acid by fermentation of the fungus.” The research team led by Bernard Olivier extracted two strains with very good characteristics, one is the patented Bacillus. Thermoamylovorans, which produce large amounts of lactic acid in hot environments (55°C), are of particular interest to industrial manufacturers. The second strain is currently registered for protection.
Michel Vert, the lead researcher at the final stage of the research process at Montpellier University, said: "After converting sugar to lactic acid, the molecules of lactic acid are then chemically converted into lactic acid polyacids (that is, With long links) to form plastic materials that can be biodegraded in the natural environment and bioabsorbable.” This production process is currently being patented. Bernard Olivier stressed: "The advantage of this practice is that it can use the leftover of the industrial sugar process, which is a waste of sugar, to produce plastics.

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